Car cake

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Firstly, let me wish all my Indian friends and visitors a very “Happy Deepavali”. Don’t you love all the Petronas advertisements for our festivals. The latest one, for Deepavali, really touch my heart. Watch the video here. When I see the old house in the ad, it reminds me of my long lost classmates when I was in primary school in Sitiawan, Perak.

Anyway, I’ve been quite busy lately, with classes and a few orders. Just delivered this cake to Syikin just now, it’s a cake for her son who loves cars. Thank you, Syikin. This is my first time making a car cake, I must tell you, it’s not easy ! I’m not too pleased with the car, macam cacat la kereta tu :lol: (some flaws). Hope to do better if there is a next order..


More pictures can be found here at my Flickr photopage.

Ok, time to go now.. dying to catch up on the latest series of “Desperate Housewives” that hubby just downloaded. Catch you later !


Yuha says:

Hi min. I love yr beetle. Reminds me of the classic beetle that I had once. Goog job!

salam k.min. been ur silent reader quite dh lama. hehe. minat sungguh tgk ur creativity, ‘playing’ with fondant. so impressive!
n for this car, dh cantik sgt dh tu kak. wani sukaaaa tgk :)
waiting for another ‘creation’ from u soon! eheh :D

Min says:

Hi Christine, good to hear from you.. read your latest belacan resepi yesterday ! Anyway, how’s your arm. Been quite a while already kan ? Really hope you’ll get well soon, yes I miss the cakes pictures :( . Hope you’ll be up and running in no time.. thanks for visiting.

Min, you are amazing!!! I am just trying to get well and nurture my broken arm… had been swimming and doing rehab + acupuncture. It’s slowly getting stronger… I can’t wait to make lovely cakes again. You are at such great level tha I can only envy in front of the screen!

Min says:

Wkumsalam Wiz, the cake inside is a choc cake. Car and other figurines are from gumpaste. Thanks Wiz :) .

wiz says:

Salam Min,

I have never done a perfect cake before. Mesti ada salah sana dan sini. But yours is as perfect as all the other cakes you have made so far. A question though, is the cake made out of cake as well or only sugar paste?

Min says:

Hai friends, thanks for your encouraging words.. walaupun kereta ku itu tidak sempurna :) .. nasib baik buat utk budak kecik kan. Kalau la ayah budak, mesti kereta tu kena perfect, and tak boleh ada herotan ye.

Hi Juissa, thanks, really appreciate u stopping by !

ah mat gebu says:

salam min….hasil kerja u amat memuaskan laa, kereta tu nampak unik tau.. U ni memang ada bakat laaa…Tabikk kat “Ibu Guru”…hehehehe

akmafazli says:

ketanya tu dah macam dalam kereta CARS animasi tahun bile ntah…tp memang comelllll sangat sangat…gerrraaammmm…..

akmafazli says:

wow…!!!!! wahhhh beetle katanya……… memang cantik…my sis kata beribulah pulak rega keknya ni….

Juissa Briano says:

wow very original desing, beauty

Ros says:

wow.. Min.. I’m totally speechless. This is simply superb!

wow.. cantik nya the car.. yeah.. i think i better organize my time better so that i can come for more lessons with you Min. Happy watching Desperate Housewives :D

sue says:

Hi kak min, tak sabarlah nak p blajar dgn kak min. My hubby tengok yr car…dia kata cantek…n me bilang dia me nak blajar dgn u lah. Lagi tunggu yr approve schedule.

Thanks Sue

Min says:

Intan, thanks.. Beetle convertible la konon. Kata org Perak, itu le ngope nye..

intan hazlin says:

Kak Min, luvvvv the cute colour combination of the cake!
the yellow car is soo cute…model kete apa tu ya?