Malaysia International Bakery & Confectionery 2008 Exhibition

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Last Friday I managed to visit the above exhibition at Mid Valley. I guess I came too early as the judges were still there, and we were not allowed to go near the cakes exhibition until the judges had done their rounds giving the scores. All in all, I was a bit disappointed as I expected more suppliers booth, and to get the chance to buy all kinds of bakery ingredients and equipment. Probably the booth were still not open, I’m not sure.

Here are some pictures of the show piece.. all of which are really amazing and must have taken many days to complete.

Borders – Royal icing lace and extension work :



How can you possibly eat this dragon ? (or is it edible in the first place)


This has a Cinderella theme, I’m not sure what it’s made of, looks like sugar to me.


Pastry Pro’s display – so cute ! The Simpson’s family.


More sugarcraft display, amazing how the witch can just hang like that, there must be some wire or hook inside..


Some sugar work – pull sugar


Well, all the displays were very pretty.. these are the work of professional chef, from international hotels. Made me realise that there are so much more to learn in this cake decorating line. I should have chosen some Pastry course for my Degree, instead I took Urban Land Economics.. no where close to what I’m doing now. Funny how life turns out for me :) .

p/s : You can see a few more pics at Shifting Sand blog.


zhoe wynz says:

wow.. cantik2 & creative nyer cake tu.. yg part cake dr sugar tu remind me of this chinese series.. ‘Gateau” (klu tak silap) ngatkan yg sugar part tu tak real.. rupanya mmg ada org buat.. isk isk.. terer nyer…. tgk kek tu kan mcm syg je nak mkn hehe

pwincess AJA says:

salam kak min.
ur most welcomes.;)
Tq 2 for making this beautiful blog.
banyak yg boleh aja blaja from k.min’s blog.:)

fabmom says:

Hi Min! u are tagged! pls see my post.

Min says:

Thanks everyone..sorry for the late response. I just got back from Alor Setar. Regarding the exhibition, I did mention the details on my sidebar under my twitter updates. I will just put up the notice in case there is something worth mentioning. Exhibition was ok, those who miss can still go the next time around :) . Tkasih ..

JUE says:

min, aku nak kek ultraman satu, ko bleh buat tak? kalo leh ultraman dyna

dear yashmin
loved this post and it gave more inspiration to do more and practice more…the pictures are simply amazing ..you are very lucky to have been in the exhibition .

aishah says:


mcm mana terlepas plak exhib ni, sayang tak p kan..

zaitgha says:

hi Min,

you did Urban Land Economics?…i studied engineering once upon a time ha ha ha and look whats become of us now

btw, the creations were beyond someone like me, to decorate cupcakes pun susah he he

ah mat gebu says:

Salam min….i kalau kek mcm kat gambar tu for sure tak makan punya, bukan sebab tak selera, tapi i takut..pulak2 yg dragon tu….nanti tidur malam pun boleh mimpi. Kek yg ada kerja “extension” mmg makan masa, tenaga dan tahap kesabaran pun kena tinggi.

wiz says:

I wished I had gone. But looking at all the participant’s work…it scares me actually, of the knowledge I am lacking.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

hi min.. i was at the exhibition on Sun morning. the designs were fabulous but definitely far beyond my dreams of ever achieving them :(. ya lah.. was very disappointed with the lack of booths there..thot that the anchor butter people were selling discounted butter but they say.. pameran aja.. not for sale..double :(.

val says:

astagaaaaaaaaaaa min, amazing kan !!!! esp the cinderella punya kereta kuda, amacam dia buat the glass effect tu ah. and the lace tu, so so so delicate kan!!!!! tak lama lagi u pun akan jadi peserta exhibition tu min!

ida isk says:

salam min..rajinya gie tengok pameran mcm tu ya…dulu rajin jugak tapi sekarng rajin tengok kat tv ajee

Awin says:

Frust lerr kak…Tak dpt pi pun to this exhibition..
Last friday tu, tgk blog akak nie lerr got info to go…tp bila sesampai on saturday tu..nak masuk parking pun tak bleh! Full house..so balik jer lerr, byk kali tawaf tak ada chance gak..

Best yerr kak?

Vivian says:

Hi Min, wow…when is the expo will be over or already over? I hope I can go too, amazing..just like pieces of art. I’m still learning on making buttercream, a long long way to learn..emm…I have problem with buttercream, too sweet and will melt, don’t know y? anyway will keep on trying…wish me luck :D