Cactus Cupcakes

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I baked some cupcakes yesterday and was thinking of different ways to decorate them. Instead of putting a layer of fondant on top, why not wrap the whole cupcake with fondant ? So I decided to make some cactus in pots. Search the internet for some pictures of cactus and I started making these at 7.00 this morning, finished around 10.00 am. Quite time consuming considering I only made 3 pots. Anyway, here’s how I did it.

First, cut the bottom of the cuppies to resemble a pot shape. Then, wrap them with strips of fondant to make the pots.



Once done, cover the top of the cuppies with round green fondant.


Start making the first cactus.


For the white spots and thorns, I piped some buttercream using a round tip.


Coloured the pot using some piping gel to create the glaze effect. (the outline of the flower should have been much thinner).


For the second species of cactus, I made this shape and then poke some holes on it.


Use the same technique to create the thorns. Added two cute flowers. Below are the completed projects.



I don’t think I’ll be eating these cupcakes.. The last one looks more like Aloe Vera, isn’t it ? It was not supposed to be Aloe vera. ;-)

Anyway, hope this lesson has been useful. Take care & bye for now.


Yasmin says:

Tsu Lin, thanks for visiting, come again ya :)

Tsu Lin says:

I found your blog via HowAboutOrange ( and is wowed by your creativity! These looks gorgeous! Memang inspirational, so glad I found your blog :)

Yasmin says:

Salam dik, tq for visiting and also attending the class last Friday.. memang best semua student kat Tourism Msia. Thanks again.

Hi Kak Min,

This is my first time browsing thru your blog. I thought that I’d check it out since we are going to have a cake decorating session with you this Friday. Nice job with the cactus cupcake! macam sayang jer nak makan…anyway, you are very creative and can’t wait to meet you in person!

Min says:

Hi Vivian, those are modelling tools which you can get in a set, from Wilton. Thanks for the compliment, yes I do go to BWY sometimes.

Vivian says:

Hi Min, I agreed with everyone, you are really very very creative ~ good job. I’m new on cupcake and getting to love it after browsing through those cupcakes master chef like you. Oh yes, btw, can you tell me what is the tool that you are using (the 1 round at the end) and where can I buy it? And to let you know or if you already know, I bought my raw ingredients from Bake with Yen and I think their price are reasonable and quite stock up. If you want the address or number do let me know. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Y says:

Oh they’re so cute, and so life like!

Min says:

Wiz, Ila, Nunung & Margaret, thank you for your nice words !

Margaret says:

love your creativity on cake deco!! WOW!

nunung says:

love your cactus, kak min. tampak natural benar bentuknya……

ila aka mummy syahmi says:

kak min, so cute la…sayang nya nak mkn…

wiz says:

Love it, love it, love, love it, love it!!

Min says:

Hi all, thank you very much for your encouraging words..I really appreciate it.

Christina says:

I think these are awesome! What a great Idea! You see so many flowers all the time, but what about cacti?!! :)
They turned out great!

Mira says:

yes, i do agree with others, u dont mind sharing ur knowledge, others may shared once u join their classes, tapi kak min lain.. and u have very amazing and creative ideas.. and u r soooo penyabar..

aishah says:

Min, superb!!!!
pasu bunga biru tu looks real :)

Madhuram says:

Dear Yasmin, thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is excellent. All the cakes/muffins and decorations are amazing. Especially the cactus cupcakes are so innovative.

Since I also like baking I’m gonna come back here quite often for lot of tips.

Thank you for sharing your in depth knowledge in baking with the rest of the world.

intan says:

Hi K.Min…

Kagumnya! Baru few days x jenguk sini, dah mcm2 yg ada…contest pun ada ;)

Keep it up K.Min!

~ Hugs ~

emil says:

kak min…cantiknye cactus tu..ya allah..tengahari tadi dtg jenguk rumah kak min ni..sampai malam dok teringat kat cactus tu..cantik betul anyway..good job to you…keep it up..

Amy Lim says:

whoa, you are really creative person. I am so impressed with your work and very encouraging for us. Keep up.

zaitgha says:

the left cactus looks like the one i used to have in my old working place, given by a staff….if the thorns were from royal icing i think this can last very long kan Min..i still didnt get your reply …..

Min says:

Ye ke Mat, jadi ke rupa kaktus I tuh ? Suspen ni, ada org tau rupa sebenar kaktus tu.. :)

ah mat gebu says:

Minnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!..byk2 deco yg u buat, i palingggg suka kaktus nihh, sebab i kan mmg penggemar pokok kaktus…cute bangett laaa….kalau buat mmg tak makan nihh…

Min says:

Fiza, boleh la cuba pakai sugarpaste ni, mcm main plastercine. Kita tak tau selagi tak cuba, mana tau berbakat.

Lyza, thanks singgah. Cantik cuppies Lyza semua, coklat kek tu pun mengancam !

Yozora, really looking fwd to see you !

Kak Tun, gi mana lama menghilang. Sy jenguk fp akak pun sepi je.. nak dtg rumah jemput la. Boleh sy belajar masak ngan akak pulak..tenkiu kak.

boxhousestudio says:

assalamualaikum min

lama akak tak kemari…banyaknya projek min…best la…suka main-main ngan platesin tu ya..he he…nampak min ada jual fondan tu…
kalu dapat singgah umah min pun best gak kan…minum-minum
kaktus hiasan tu kalu tak diberitahu…ingan kan pokok beli kat kebun bunga…3 jam baru selesai ya

salam hormat
kak tun

min..your are so creative lah…macam macam you can think of and you do it so well..haha.. these are just too pretty to be eaten :p

lyza says:

K.Min, you are so creative.. love your blog and thanks for sharing

fizashar says:

mabeles job kak min..
i think, once dh settle pindah nnt, nk try deco guna fondant@sugarpaste la plak.. just suke2… wpun tau tgn ni keras, tp degil nak try.. hehehehehe