Cake topper project

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I made this yesterday, felt so long since I did some artsy stuff. I don’t know what to call it actually. Is there a special name for this kind of deco ? It’s usually put on top of cakes. Anyway, the tutorial, if you would like to know how it’s made.

First, cut out any fun shapes you want from your coloured fondant.

pic15.JPG pic24.JPG
While the cut outs are still soft, insert the fine wires into it. You can buy this very thin wires from DIY shops, shops selling needlework equipments or wedding gift craft. Twist some wires around a pencil to get the ‘spring’ look. Leave that to dry.

Then prepare the round container. Just estimate the size you want depending on the length of your wires. For this you need to use gumpaste or modelling paste, as this container has to be hard. Cut out a long strip.

pic34.JPG You can decorate the strips with whatever design you fancy. Then wrap it around something cylindrical. Make sure it doesn’t stick to the sides of the bottle by running the insides with a cocktail stick before leaving it to dry.


Make a round base. Stick it to the body of the container with some water or royal icing. Fill the container with some fondant and insert the wires into it.


Arrange as you please. Once all the wires are in, cover the base with some green or matching coloured fondant to make it look neat.

You can design your own container, different shapes, different colours. Or maybe use other shapes to stick to the wires. It would add that special touch to any cakes.


You have to try it, ok. :)

On a different note, I would like to say thanks to those who has linked me in their article, the latest is Yazoranitesky. She is always experimenting with new recipes like pau and bread. I like her blog. Another link I found out today is from the Pink Cake Box. I am so flattered that Pink Cake Box has visited my blog, they are so famous in the US ! I love their work, you have to see their excellent sugarcraft cakes.

My “Cutest 3D fun character fondant cake” contest is still on, you are welcome to participate. I promise I will mail the little pot holder to where ever you are.

I have been getting orders for my home-made fondants, terima kasih (thank you) to my buyers..I have one order from Penang and will try to mail it as soon as possible. As for the classes, please click on the calender to see June’s schedule.

The shoutbox on my sidebar, I have actually removed it because it has taken up much of my allocated bandwidth. This site has been down twice due to maximum bandwidth and I had to called 911 each time, to upgrade and be given the access again :oops: . You can still contact me by leaving your comments or using the contact form.

Sorry this post is quite long, have fun during this school break.. thank you everybody. :-)



Yasmin says:

Salam Bibie, dah lama dah akak tak jual fondant sebab sekarang takde maid. Sori.

Bibie says:

Salam K’Min..still jual fondant tu x? Sbb xjmpa link dia lah.Tq.

Min says:

Nash, guna playdough boleh je buat benda-benda ni.. fondant ni mcm clay kan. Thanks jenguk sini ye.

Hi, Amy, will email the map to you shortly. thanks.

Sue, dah ok dah kan.

Hi Cakelaw, nice to hear from you. Just killing time doing this. I make my maid and daughter do it !

Cakelaw says:

This is adorable! You must have so much patience – and very skilful hands – to be able to make such detailed decorations.

Sue says:

kak min….camne nak wat banner…..????

Amy says:

Hi Kak Min

Thanks and look forward to your class. Oh ya! start at what time. My contact no 012-2551560 and email add. Can I have the map, address to your place and contact no too. Thanks

nash says:

kalau anak saya tgk sure suka..n smlm masa birthday dia…ada belikan mousse playdoh yg boleh buat mcm apa yg you buat..hehehe

wiz says:

Min, I love Pink cake box and yes they are super famous in the states. You should be thrilled they visited you.

Zaitgha, just a 10sen worth of advice from me he he he. What I do is, before I start any cake decorating projects when all the cake stuff are away from the counter and all the other food stuff, I sprayed the bucu2 and the bhgn bawah cabinet with aerosol. Two days after that baru I buat kek. Dont spray on the counter but kat bawah2 tu. I did this kat kaki meja kaki kerusi and it works fine. If not maybe you can make an island. Have a big plate and pour a lil bit of water before puting another elevated item on the plate. Pastu letak kek on the elevated thingy. Hope you could picture this.

Hope this helps

Min says:

Zai, if you’re talking about the paste itself, just keep it wrap in a zipper bag and then put in tupperware. For ready cakes, I don’t hv any bright ideas how to keep the ants away.. :(

zaitgha says:


wanna know how you keep away the sugar paste from the ants?

Min says:

Hi Amy, ok your seat is reserved on 6th June. Just bring your apron and kitchen towel. Can I hv your email and contact no. please. Yahoo mail is so unreliable now, I still havent receive the email from you. Thanks.

Amy Lim says:

Hi Kak Min,

I have sent out the “contact me” on your class for gumpaste on June 6, Friday. Please confirm my seat and what to bring and map to your place.


Min says:

Val, tu utk visitor yg paling rajin tinggal komen kat sini.. you have to register and leave your blog address bah. If not kalau org klik kat your name, it won’t go to your site.

val says:

min mcmamana mau jadi top commentator to.aku mau o jadi heheheehee (refer to kotak top comentator yg now diterajui oleh amutha tu)