Cupcake or muffin ?

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I bought this very pretty book called “Cupcakes and Muffins” Collectors Edition (R & R Publications Marketing Pty Ltd) last week at our MPH book shop. I love buying cookbooks where ever I go. Basically the book has loads of cupcake and muffin recipes. Know the difference between the two ? Well, I’ll mention here some of the points stated in the book.

Cupcakes are easy and simple to make. Once upon a time, cupcakes were actually baked in a cup in a wood or coal fired stove. However today cupcakes have evolved and bakers use all sorts of cupcake papers and decorate the top with all kinds of frosting. You can find lot of blogs selling pretty decorated cupcakes. Cupcakes are for bakers to show off their creative decorating ideas.

The muffin on the other hand, is bigger or taller than cupcakes. The recipe is not so plain. Normally you put fruits found abundant at its season, you can add nuts.. the list goes on. Muffins are not as showy and decorated as the cupcakes. What makes a good muffin is the filling or the flavors inside.

Both cupcakes and muffin are easy, cheap to make and not very time consuming. They are great for beginners and for children’s cooking project. So, why not try baking some yourself. And let me know how it turns out.


MsWanie says:

my first time and try is to bake a cupcake
unfortunately it turns to a muffin :P
and i only use some sprinkles with no icing too.. (so i shouldnt say that i bake a cupcake right… hehehe)

just wanna share how does my first try turn into…
>> http://mybox88.blogspot.com/2010/06/cupcake-part-3-finishhhh.html

Sarah says:

Hi! Where did you buy that cookbook? I got it as a gift and would love to buy some of the other ones from the collection. Im having a very hard time finding them in stores and on the internet. If you could let me know, that would be great!