Cookies defined

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I don’t generally like cookies, but I can’t resist the ones bought from Famous-Amos. 100 gm pun tak cukup.. The very name ‘cookie’ is actually derived from a Dutch word ‘koekje’ (sorry I don’t know how to pronounce that) meaning ‘little cakes’. During the old days, bakers use to drop small amount of cake batters to test the temperature of their oven. That’s how cookies began..

There are basically 6 type of cookies : drop cookies, bar cookies, rolled, molded, pressed and refrigerator cookies. When I have the time I will go into details on each of this. But here’s the summary.

  1. Drop cookies – the quickest and easiest to make. You drop the cookies using teaspoons onto the baking sheet.
  2. Bar cookies – baked in square pan. Might use nuts or oatmeal. Cut into squares.
  3. Rolled cookies – made from a stiff dough which is rolled and then cut into smaller pieces.
  4. Molded cookies – made from a stiff dough also and shaped into balls, log or whatever mold you have.
  5. Pressed cookies - these are the ones formed by using a cookie press or pastry tube.
  6. Refrigerator cookies- normally a rich dough shaped into logs. Can be stored in freezer until ready to use.