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Pear strudel in filo


This is a quick version of making a strudel, because I’m using Filo pastry as the base.   For those of you who is not so familiar with filo pastry, here’s how it looks like.   You can get this at Cold Storage supermarket.  I bought it at Hock Choon, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. It really is paper-thin, …

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Mini berry pies


Talking about fruit pies, my favourite would definitely be the classic Apple pie..   the recipe that I’m making today is similar to Apple pie,  only miniature in size and instead of Apples, I’m using Blueberries.  You can use any berries you have in hand.   This pie is quite easy to make.. I love making …

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Mushroom and potato pie

mushrmpie 008wm

The mushrooms in my fridge are getting old, need to find a recipe to cook them.   I remembered there was one recipe I wanted to try, by Nigel Slater.  Its basically a mashed potato with mushroom filling.  Not very difficult to make, but I was outside watering the plants during the last 10 minutes of …

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Creamy chicken pie

from gutenberg.org

‘Who ate my pie?’.. Well, this morning I woke up and found out that during the nite, while I was sleeping, my hubby brought a friend and donated a slice of our chicken pie..   Hope the friend likes it :)  Anyway, this is a Chicken pie, I made the filling using left-overs from our roast …

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Lemon meringue pie


The classic American dessert.. well, I’ve made this a couple of weeks ago, but had no time to post it here. The recipe is long ! Since time is on my side now, here’s the recipe. I think every mom should try to bake a lemon meringue pie at least once. It is so yummy …

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Apple Pie

This is my apple pie recipe, I have made apple pies many times using this recipe and my family loved it. This recipe is enough to feed 5 hungry tummies. PASTRY FOR 2 CRUST PIE : 2 1/4 cup all purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4  cup shortening (for flakiness) 1/2 cup cold margerine or …

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