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Sugar cookies


I’ve actually made these a few weeks ago.. it’s lying in my tupperware somewhere in the kitchen. Been wanting to decorate it with Royal icing, but I still couldn’t find the time.  I am running here and there between preparing cakes for my second book, weekend classes and the usual housewife daily chores.  Anyway, here’s …

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Ladies shoes (gumpaste)


Decorating cakes with shoes are nothing new.. I’ve seen the shoe cutters being sold for a few years now.  But somehow I don’t really the idea of putting shoe on your cake, maybe it’s the way I was brought up.  In real life, shoes should be kept away from food..  Nevertheless, I decided to put …

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Fondant fancies


I have always wanted to try making fondant fancies..  what’s holding me back is the baking of the sponge cake in a large square sheet pan.  Oh well, since this is just an experiment, I have cut out some squares from an old marble cake.  Lesson no. 1 learnt, never used a coloured cake for …

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Cakes for December


Hi everyone.. sorry for the long silence, been busy with classes and some orders. This is one of the cakes I had just completed, for more pictures, please visit the Bakingproject page on Facebook.  (top left side bar). Take care now..     ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Our fantastic deals of examsheets lsat and braindumps ged make your …

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Creating perfect pearl border


I’d like to share the latest item I bought, which is a silicon mould from First Impressions. (For the seasoned cake decorators, this might not interest you).  Anyway, here’s my secret to creating a perfect pearl border for my fondant cakes.  Using a mould :)  . I’ve always wanted to buy this mould, but didn’t …

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Fondant handbag cake class

I am so tired and at the same time very, very happy today.. completed my first class on the fondant handbag cake.   The results from the students were so amazing : More pictures and the making of the handbag cakes can be found in my Facebook.  Click here. For those interested to join, I …

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Ben 10 bursting-out of the cake


Thank you Cik Roslyeen for the order. Ok, I know you will have a good laugh looking at my Ben 10 cake.  ‘He’ is looking like a ‘she’  trying to preach something, and not looking scary at all..  I don’t know why, my Ben 10 always ends up looking like a girl. And this chick …

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Chocolate icing


Some call it chocolate plastic.  It’s basically just like white ready-to-roll fondant (sugarpaste/ plastic icing) – only thing it taste like chocolate (yummy !) and looks brown like a bar of chocolate.  I have heard about it for a long time but just couldn’t find it sold anywhere.  I was glad to found it at …

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