My Europe trip

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Sorry for the long silence, we have been away on holiday for 10 days in Europe. Alhamdulillah, syukur I had the chance to visit UK again after so long.  I kept missing Sheffield where I used to study and lived for 2 years and my prayers were answered. Terubat rindu dapat tengok kampung lama.   I’ll share with you some pictures, mostly food pictures during the journey.  We (the 12 of us, my whole family) took a flight from KLIA to Paris on 26th Nov, 2013.  Landed in  Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Nothing impressive, the airport was quite old.   Our KLIA and KK airport is way much modern.  But the good thing is, there is no Customs personal checking your bag.  We just got our passport stamped and we are on our way.  So all my fears about bringing meat and dairy into Europe were unfounded.   You can safely bring Brahim or Adabi curry with meat pieces in it, safely into Paris.

Once you are in Paris,  there are no border checking between countries in EU.  I quote here : “ The EU has developed a single market through a standardised system of laws that apply in all member states. Within the Schengen Area (which includes 22 EU and 4 non-EU states) passport controls have been abolished.[17] EU policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital“.   How nice, right ? So we spend 2 days in Paris, then off to Brussels, Amsterdam and lastly UK.


Paris is a beautiful city with great architecture.  Because we were following a guided tour, I had no time to eat my heart out in their bakeries and visit shops selling baking tools etc.  We did shop in Galeries Lafayette , watch the beautiful window displays and I went to the Gourmet section.  Bought butter, puy lentils, salt etc.  


My verdict for the butter, I think President tastes better and so far, is still the best. Haven’t tried the cheese yet.


Butter and cheese are cheap in Paris,  cheaper than in UK.  I brought back the butter, fearing that it might melt once we reached Malaysia.  However, I was surprised and happy to see the butter is still in a solid state even though it had endured a 12 hours journey in my main luggage.   Actually I found out that the bags were kept in a cool place in the A380 plane, coz everything in the bag was cold to the touch.  So,  next time I am going to buy lots more butter to take home.   There are no Customs officer checking our bag once we reached KLIA,  maybe we were lucky on that day.

Some pictures in Amsterdam and Brussels.


My sister in front of a cheese shop.


Enjoying baby potatoes, fish and salad at Volendam, The Netherlands


Belgian waffle in Brussels.


Belgian chocolates.



From Brussels we took the Eurostar to London, a 2 hours journey.  Travelling with elderly person is not recommended, coz it is a bit time consuming and tiring.  You have to que to pass the Belgium and UK immigration and customs.  They will check your bags and my sister had bought a knife, which was taken away by the officers.   So remember this if you are boarding the Eurostar.   The journey through the tunnel under the English Channel sea was unnoticeable, coz we slept most of the time !


My daughter, hubby and me in London.

We rented a car and then spent 2 nights in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK.   The city was full with Christmas stalls.


Fudge. yum, yum..


Nak rasa tapi tak halal.


Don’t touch me nuts ! hehe..


My favourite place, the pasar. New Moor Market in Sheffield.


Rabbit pun ada.



Wanted to make a short trip to Bakewell, but the weather was disastrous and we had to cancel the trip.


Anyway,  I bought something to giveaway to one lucky reader.  Wedding Cakes, a design source. Autumn edition.



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