Making Oso Number One cake

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When I received an order for this cake, I had to google who is this Special Agent Oso.. well, my kid is 14 and I no longer watch Disney channel.   The cake was for a 1 year old boy.  I used the no. 1 pan, instead of joining several cakes.

Managed to snap a few pictures while making the figurine.   I used fondant to make the figurine, since my fondant consistency is quite hard.  You can use a mixture of fondant and gumpaste if your fondant is too soft.   First, making the body.  Make an oval shape for the body and cut a white piece using any round cutter.   Then glue the white fondant to the body using water.  Insert a dry spaghetti into the body to support the head.

Make the eyes and ears, and other parts of the face.

Below are the steps on  making the vest.  Cut a rectangle shape to wrap around the body and then a long red strip.  Glue the red strip to make the lining.

Next make the hands and feet.  I guess you can figure out how to do this.

And here it is.. the Special Agent Oso.  My version.. haha. Oversized.

It was a fun cake to make..  but as usual, takes time.  Coz it involves tiny, tiny details.   Lots of patience required.  But if you enjoy making figurines, then it is sort of like a therapy.. Till then, take care.

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rosie says:

wow amazing