Bookdepository -100 books on offer @ 21st Feb,2013

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I love books.. and as you know, have been ordering books from UK through the Bookdepository website.   Free worldwide delivery, and sometimes its even cheaper than buying at our local bookstore.   Bookdepository is having a SALE tomorrow.  100 books on offer over 25 hours. A new bargain will be up every 15 minutes.   Offer starts at our time, 8pm tomorrow 21st Feb, 2013.   There will be a new book available for a great price every 15 minutes.  So, you have to keep an eye on their website so you won’t miss any of the titles you might like.

You can buy as many, or as few of the titles offered as you like, Bookdepository don’t charge postage for over 100 countries around the world, so there is no harm in shopping again, and again throughout the day. You are however limited to three copies of each book per person – it’s only fair that as many people as possible get to grab a bargain.   These offers are known as WIGIGs in the trade (When It’s Gone It’s Gone) – after the offer is over you’ll often be able to buy the book again but at the normal price.

To visit their website, click on the banner below.  And stay tuned tomorrow..  hope you’ll find a book you like.