Apple crumble (oats topping)

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Apple crumble again,  but this time with a little variation on the topping or the crumble.    For the fruits, I’m using apples and some raisins.   In my previous Apple crumble recipe, I didn’t sauteed the apples, and sometimes they come out a bit keras.   So, this time just to be on the safe side, I heated a few teaspoon of butter and fry the apples.  Add a little sugar and just stir once in a while till the apples turn soft.

For the crumble, here’s the recipe :

100 gm of plain flour
150 gm butter, cold
80 gm demerara sugar / brown sugar
50 gm oats
50 gm ground almonds

Mix all the ingredients except the cold butter.

Rub the butter into the mixture till you get a breadcrumb texture.  Leave a few big pieces of butter in there, yum !

Scatter the crumbles on the soft apples.

Dot the top with some butter.. skip this step if you are on a diet.. hehe.    Then bake at 180C or 200 for 30 minutes or slightly more.   Truly delicious, always a crowd-pleaser.   Enjoy :)


Yasmin says:

Thanks Mel.. hope it turns out delicious :)

mel says:

Look so appetizing. Will definately try your recipe. Have always wanted a simple yet delicious recipe. Good it doesnt have the spices like cinnamon etc which my kids do not like.
Thank you. Will try it and update you on the outcome.