5th birthday giveaway

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Happy Sparkling 5th Birthday To XcitefunNet Forum

Bakingproject.com will turn 5 years old this Feb, 10th ! I started writing this blog in 2008..  and alhamdulillah, still have something interesting to write here, now and then.  Thank you to all the readers out there..  Anyway, I have some freebies to giveaway..  as usual, its a Lucky Draw.  And these are the items, you can choose only one, ok.

Silicon baking mold

Silicon baking mold - sponsored by www.wholeport.com

Chocolate plastic mold

Sugarcraft book my me, and Cupcake 3D by Chef Gunawan

All items above are provided by me except for item no. 2.  This Silicone Baking Mold is sponsored by Wholeport.  Heat-resistant temperature: -40C ~ +230C.  Food-Grade (FDA Standard).  Click on the pic below to visit their website.  They are based in China but will post items to Malaysia.  Loads of Baking Supplies to buy and reasonably priced, as well.

1.  “Post to Facebook” by clicking the FB icon above this post.

2.  Subscribe to my post, by filling in the form below (if you haven’t done so).


3.  Leave the item number you wish, your name and email address in the comment section below.

Comments section will be closed on 5TH FEB, 2013.   I will announce the winners soon after that.  Only open to Malaysians.  Good luck !


Yuliza says:

Happy 5th Birthday Baking Project!!
Semoga terus berjaya dimasa² mendatang dan terus menulis tanpa henti…
Semoga panjang umur & dimurahkan rezeki…
Tak nak mengharap apa² present, saya terima je apa yang diberi …
Cuma saya mengharap akan terus bersama blog ini…

catherine marshal lewis says:

i like this cooking recipe its wonderful i would like to try it at home

Ana says:

Salam kak min..happy 5th birthday..suka singgah sini dan baca resepi. Thanx ye..harap2 dpt item no 4.

rosie says:

salam, Happy 5th Birthday. I would love to have no.2. Thank you very much

Ainul Azdean Oon says:

Wahhh…Happy Birthday Baking Project..and Thanks alot to Kak Min who “planted” my passion to bake…Terima Kasih…and tahun ni Birthday Baking Project is on CNY day..Will bring over some limau Mandarin utk kak (for luck)!!! HaPPY BIRTHDAY again… :)

saleha salleh says:

assalam.hai kak min.nak item no.2,boleh?tq

sarah says:

Selamat ulangtahun ke 5 baking project, dan selamat maju jaya kakmin…
blog kakmin is the best..
saya nak sangat item no 5

Rafiza Rosly says:

Happy 5th birthday Baking Project!!
I wish for item no 4..

Ifwah Ayub says:

Congratulation & Happy 5th birthday Baking Project.
Saya suka item 1 :)

zora ahmad says:

Happy birthday baking project! Tq for having this lucky draw :-) i would luv to have your book, therefore i choose gift no. 4, tq Yasmin :-)

azzah abdul aziz says:

Hi Yasmin, congrats on yr 5th baking project birthday. I am 60yrs old, taking up home baking as hobby… hope not to late to learn. Have run out of ideas on fondant deco. So would love no 4… . Semoga di murahkan rezeki Yasmin as you luv to share. Keep those emails coming, luv to read them.

AnnaBakeryna says:

item num 4 :-)
Happy 5th Birthday Baking Project! Congratulations Min, wishing u all the best in your future plans.

WNursaiedah Dot says:


asykin says:

Blog kak min menjadi rujukan… Happy 5th anniversary..
Saya choose item no5…semoga saya boleh menang…

Vicky Raj says:

Hi Yasmin,

Love your site & blogs. Dont have any fondant or sugarcraft books, so would like no 4, please.
Happy Birthday!

RUBIE40 says:

Happy 5th anniversary, with many more to come. Just like you to know how much I have enjoyed reading your blogs and getting the recipes right every time. I am not expecting to win any prizes, just to convey my heartfelt thanks to you (and your crew) for all the lovely food and photos over the years. Even if I don’t get to try, at least I have enjoyed the pictures. Thank you again, May Allah grant you (and your crew), your family members good health, lots of rezeki (also ilham) in the years to come. Salam..


selalu jadi silencer reader je… memang suka blog Min ni.. macam2 ada..selalu buat rujukan pada apa yg MIn post.. keep it up…Happy 5th Birthday Baking Projek..semoga dikurniai dengan rezeki yang melimpah ruah….amin… minat dgn buku no 4 tu..kalau le dapat hehehehe..best

farida says:

Happy 5th bithday and thank you for sharing…i would like to have no 1

anna says:

I pun suka no 5 juga..macam mana cara nak dapatkan nya?

syuhada says:

assalamua’laikum. wah, dah 5 tahun. Tahniah. :) Semoga terus maju bertapak-tapak.

item numb. 1.. Hehe, buat untuk anak mesti dia minat bentuk2 macam ni. :) ada rezeki, insya’ALLAH, tak kemana, kan? :D

Antonietta says:

I wish to have item no.4 THANKS :)

rosma says:

Assalamualaikum…Happy 5th Birthday Baking Project..Sy doakan semoga murah rezeki dan maju ke hadapan dlm perniagaan ini..Sy harap sgt dpt item no 5..Insyaallah..Thanks…

ramiswary ramdass says:

Hi, Kak Min

Happy 5th Birthday!!!

I wish to have item No: 5…..


siti haidah othman says:

Assalamu’alaikum Min,saya suka item no.4 kerana dengarnya ada banyak kraf yang boleh dibentuk menggunakan fondant dan gum paste dalam buku tersebut dan saya pernah cuba buat homemade fondant Min (dari blog ini),cuma berani buat bunga dan reben kecil-kecil belum pernah lagi cover cake guna fondant(tahun ni insyaAllah-antara azam).Terima kasih.

Assalamualaikum kak min… ‘happy 5th birthday Baking Project..:)’
i dah ada ur 1st book,being the 1st fondant book i bought..which inspired me so much..so now i wish to hve ur 2nd book~item no 4..TQ kak min..:)

Brenda Ng says:

Happy 5th Birthday ! I wish to have no.4…. Thank you!

dilla says:

salam kak min..
happy 5th birthday to Baking Project!! :)
harap2 dapat menang item no 5.

Yeo Pei Sien says:

I wish to get Item no. 2, thank you. :)

zie says:

item no 5…

moga ada luck

kumari says:

Hello min, simply love your website especially your fondant icing and cake decorations. Your fondant icing handbags are super duper!!! Awesome creations and ideas, wish i was like you . Great ideas. what I like about you is your simplicity, honesty, generosity and sharing your your ideas and recipes with us, luv you for that. Hats off to you mate!! hope to meet you one day . Will attend one of your class , someday. Inspire us further , simply love it min!!

maria says:

number you wish: 5
name: maria rajab
email address: rieyanee_1125@yahoo.com

selamat hari ulangthn ke 5 buat kak min’s blog

Conz says:

Hallo Kak Min, Happy 5th Birthday to this blog..i am very excited to read your blog every time i received your blog announcement in my email..bought item no.4 last year & it would be great if i can have the item No. 1.

Thanks a lot to Baking Project’s Blog for making my baking easier :)

Nadiah says:

Assalamualaikum kak, happy 5th birthday! =) I wish for item no 4. TQ

Hamizah says:

Hi Kak Min, Happy birthday to bakingproject.com! Item number 4 would be great!

Aidah says:

Happy 5th Birthday to Baking Project (Kak Min). I would like to have no 4.

Roslina says:

Salam Min, Happy 5th Anniversary in advanced!! thanks for updating me of your interesting blog. Walaupun jauh di mata tapi Cikgu ku ini tetap dekat di hati…eheheh…teringin sgt nak dapatkan buku kek Min..cam mana nak order ye?

Julie Larenus says:

Hi Min.. Saya suka resepi dalam blog kamu. Kalau dapat saya nak yang no. 4 tu.

Thank you.

noriza says:

Saya suka blog ini.thanks for all the resipi dalam blog ini. Sy minat item no.4

Anna Clark says:

Great blog.Thanks for yoyr generosity to share your recipes.Have learnt a lot from your blog.Keep it up.

Interested in item 1.


Maslina Nordin says:

Assalamualaikum K Min,
Mas memang peminat Min Baking Project. Kerap juga mencuba resipi dari situ jika ada kelapangan. Sekiranya terpilih, Mas sukaaaa sgt utk memiliki item no 4, tak lain x bukan buku dari K Min.

Semoga kita sama2 suksess selalu


Rabiatun says:

Assalamualaikum kak Yasmin. If kalau dapat, saya nak sangat Item no. 5. Moga terus success buat akak n Baking Project. thanks kak,


Amelia Abidin says:

Item no 5
hehehe my birthday is on 5 Feb, hope could get birthday present from you!!