Making a cigarette cake

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Thank you to Cik Dina for ordering this cake.  I have posted the pic in my FB page yesterday and would also like to say thank you for all the ‘likes’ and comments.  The making of the cake was not difficult actually.   The cigarette box.. well, you guessed it.  It was fondant wrapped in edible image.  It was a bit complicated to paint everything from scratch.  Especially to get the right ‘Dunhill’ font plus the picture of the baby under the ‘AMARAN’ section.  So, the easiest is to use edible image.   Read my previous post on this.

This is how I did it.  Bought a pack of the real cigarette (hubby was happy to get free ciggies,  which I totally resent).   Dismantle the wrapper and then scan the whole thing.   Then,  adjust the size of the picture so that it is exactly the same size with the cigarette box to be used on the cake.  Before that, you need to make sure the size of the ciggie box is proportionate to the size of the cake.

So, this is how it turned out.  When sending for printing,  you’ll have to ensure that the supplier do not mess around or edit the size of the picture.   After that, its just a matter of wrapping the edible image onto the fondant.  It certainly saves a lot of hard work..

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For the base of the cake, I used 3 different coloured fondant to get the marbling effect.  Watch the video on how to do it here.

The cake board was covered with a strip of red fondant.  And Chef Gunawan was kind enough to help me to paint it with more gel colours, to get a striking red.  Thanks Chef -  ‘jasamu ku kenang’.

To make the cigarette ashes.. so easy one.. hehe.  Mix the icing sugar with some black dust colour, I made 3 tones.  You could use petal dust for this.  Then sprinkle the coloured icing sugar on the cake.

What else.. I guess that’s it.    A litle bit of painting here and there..  The weather is not forgiving nowadays.  It rains almost everyday and fondant tend to be sticky and wet.   Just ensure you put the completed cake under a blowing fan or aircond for a while until it dries up.

May these small tips be useful in your cake decorating.  Hopefully birthday boy will wean himself off the ciggies someday :)


siha says:

sungguh menarik tapi mesti para perokok tertarik sbb ada kotak rokok tu!!!

Yasmin says:

Tkasih kak Sab. Take care and stay strong :)

sabrina says:

wow creative..

ika says:

cantik:) tapi bahaya mrokok:)

Yasmin says:


Rosmawati says:

wow marvelous and really nice job…