Lace mold and embossers

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This is the cake that I made for Cik Ayu for her wedding 2 days ago.. it was a last minute request.   Talking about last minute request, there was one time when a customer called me on the morning of her wedding day, asking if I have a spare cake.  I guest sometimes we do encounter unexpected events and in the end, no cake for the wedding day..what a disaster !  So,  I recommend ordering your cake and putting a deposit in advance, to secure your cake order.   Especially during the school holidays, when it is difficult to find a baker/ cake decorator.

Back to the cake above, it was a simple and easy design to complete.  For the top lace, I used a lace mould/ mold which I bought a few years back, online from USA.  Think it was called Elegant Mould, but the website is nowhere to be found now.   You can find similar moulds at our local supply shop – google ICCA, Sugarflours, HOI.

The best paste to use would be a mixture of fondant and gumpaste, or fondant which is slightly hard.   This is how I do it.  You can also refer here for other ways to do it.

Rub the mold with some shortening all over.  Place the paste on the mold, then rolled it firmly to the edges.   Put some pressure on it to make sure it takes on the impression on the mat.   Then peel away slowly.  You will then need to trim off the edges using a Craft knife.  Attach to the top of the cake using some water.  Looking back, I must admit that I made the lace too thick..   it should be slightly thinner.

For the cake board decoration, I used a patchwork cutter.   You can use it as a cutter and embosser.  Just press on the fondant while it is still soft.

The crimping is done immediately after the patchwork cutter embossing, again, while the fondant is still soft and not dry.  Otherwise, it will crack ya.

Quite a straight forward deco technique, you just need the tools to play with.   I have been decorating for 5 years now, and I guess reaching a plateau.  No longer buying any cake decorating tools.. nak pencen dah kut, hahah !  Anyway, good luck to you and feel free to leave a comment on anything you are unsure of.  Would be glad to help.  Cheers.


Yasmin says:

Hi Zohra, I got it from US but I think the company no longer exist. Sorry and tq.

Yasmin says:

Wkmsalam Siti, silakan.. takde masalah. Thank you singgah.

siti says:

Assalamuilaikum Min your cake look so lovely . minta izin copy you design on my brother wedding cake .If not it ok but really i admire your work

Rafidah S says:

thanks for sharing.. =)

Yasmin says:

OMG Florence, so nice to hear you’re doing so well in Melbourne… yes will surely drop by if ever I come to Australia. I’m assuming you have your Chef there, so you’re not preparing the desserts for the cafe ? Best of luck to you and hope your business will flourish :)

Florence Singam says:

Hi Min
I am not baking as I used to when in Malaysia but I still love reading your mails
and seeing your creations. Thank you very much for sharing. By the way my husband and I
bought a cafe in Melbourne. Rosaria’s Cafe 151 Springvale Road, Nunawading. It’s open from
5.30am till 2.30 pm Monday to Friday. Do come by if you see in Melbourne.
Cheers and love always