Langkawi trip Nov 2012

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School holiday has begun and I think a lot of you are wondering where to take the kids during this time.. As for me, I had to go to Baling, Kedah to bring back my daughter’s belongings from her boarding school.   It was a long journey, about 4 to 5 hours from KL to Baling.  We went there on Thursday, 8th Nov, 2012.  After dumping all her things in our van, we headed straight to Kuala Kedah, to board the ferry to Langkawi Island.

This is not a post on baking or cake decorating, but just to show you a glimpse of Langkawi and all the shopping to be done there.. Yes, shopping !  Makcik style.. i.e. cookware shopping.    We managed to get on the last ferry leaving from Kuala Kedah at 7 pm.  The ticket cost RM23 for adult (one way).   The ferry ride was smooth, we were all sleeping, plus it was too dark to see anything outside.   The journey was about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  You can drive further up from Kuala Kedah to Kuala Perlis.  Ferry ride is of shorter distance from here.    Anyway, the next morning, we headed straight to Kuah town to look for our pots and pans.

Basically you need to drive to Kuah city center (to the area with the arrow).  This is where you will find dozen of shops selling glassware, kitchen utensils and chocolates.  The famous shops are the green ones (Haji Ismail).  Another must-visit shop is Idaman Suri.  If you look at the map, follow the road between the Police Station and yellow Petrol station heading to Padang Lalang.  You will see a big building on the right.

Here are some pictures which I managed to snap.   In abundance are ceramic thingy with English country style motif.  Pretty cheap.

Of course you can also find periuk Vision.

Duty-free liquor, imported chocolates, sarung.

I didn’t do much shopping coz I think my kitchen is quite well equipped (and also trying to avoid the agony of carrying the stuff on ferry).  One thing I kept seeing in most of the shops is this Double sided grill pan (I believe they call it Periuk Pemanggang Ajaib). The famous brand is from Happy Call, but there’s also similar looking pan under the brand Vantage, even HIG (Hj Ismai Group) and Idaman Suri.   So,  curiosity killed the cat…  I bought the 32 cm one below at RM99.  The Happy Call one is more expensive.  I’m hoping Vantage will be as good.   I haven’t tried cooking in this pan, will let you know how it goes..

Apart from the shopping, there are many places to see in Langkawi.  We have gone up the cable car, island hopping etc during our last visit a few years back.  So this time around, we were just enjoying the food and driving around the main island.

Beautiful beaches.

Manage to visit the wet market.  The first pic is a sea cucumber called Beronok.

Breakfast in Langkawi, if you go to the kampung stalls, is quite cheap.  Kuih 4 seringgit.   Dont forget to check out the following places – Wan Thai restaurant, Laksa Power.  On the way back, we had delicious Mee rebus at Kuala Kedah.

One thing to remember, is to keep your ferry tickets or hotel receipts.  You might need to show it to the Customs dept to clarify your length of stay at the island, to enjoy the Duty-free status.

All in all, it was a great experience, but I am definitely going to take the flight to Langkawi, if there is a next time.  Happy Holidays, everyone.


siha says:

Salam! Dah sampai cita2 saya bawa anak2 ke Langkawi. “Gila” jadinye diaorang tengok coklat2 tu!! Saya dan suami banyak beli coklat utk dihadiahkan kpd kenalan.

siha says:

Terima kasih, saya dah booking hotel dekat2 Pekan Kuah.Saja la nak bawak anak2 jalan “CUTI-CUTI MALAYSIA”

Yasmin says:

Siha, selamat bercuti ! Cari la hotel dekat ngan Kuah, senang nk shopping :) Have fun.

siha says:

Salam! Makin tak sabar nak bercuti di Langkawi dgn famili tapi tak booking lagi hotelnya. Ingat nak pergi 12/12/2012 ni. Tak tau mana hotel yg murah sikit!!

azlina abd aziz says:

you wont regret buying the double sided pan. Its so useful. you can bake cakes make apam bingka roast grill n lots more. Now all our pans are keep deep in the cabinet. happy trying Min

Yasmin says:

thanks Janet, tak boleh shopping byk, because susah nak angkat on the ferry..huhu

Janet Lee says:

Alangkah baik kalau blh kirim shopping!!Enjoy your hols, Sifu!!