Chocolate Pot de crème

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This is a very simple dessert to  make.. but you have to chill the custard, and wait a few hours till it is nice and cold, before finally tasting it.   It is said to be of a French-style dessert, I’m guessing due to the egg-rich custard base.   Anyway here is the recipe :

2 cups whipping cream
1 tablespoon sugar
120 gm good quality dark chocolate
5 egg yolks 

Heat the cream and sugar just till the sugar is dissolved.  Add in the chocolates and stir slowly, till the chocolate melts.  Remove from heat and let the mixture cool.

In the meantime,  beat the yolks at high speed for about 1 minute, till it turns pale yellow.

Reduce the speed and then pour the chocolate mixture bit by bit into the egg yolk.   Mix thoroughly and then strain to remove any lumps.

Fill into ramekins.  Bake bain-marie at 170C for about 30 minutes.  The custard should set but a bit wobbly in the center (do not try and press with your fingers, which I did. It will leave a dent).   Remove from the oven and once cool, let it chill in the fridge for a few hours  ( if you can stand it ).   Decorate the chocolate pots de creme with swirls of whipped cream before serving.

Give Me A Chocolate Heart

” Everyone loves a delicacy
And most of all Miss Dainty me
Who’s not so dainty now, I say
There’s so many wrappers to throw away

Chocolate has a place in my heart
It’s a springboard for my life’s jump start
Whenever I am feeling low
It’s to the chocolate box I go

I think if I eat enough sweets
My heart will turn to yummy treats
And how could that be bad?
In the company of chocolate no one’s sad

They’ll love my dark chocolate soul
You can’t resist what makes you whole
Oh, make me chocolate filled
If everyone loves me, I’ll be thrilled..”

- Poem by Phoenix Rory


Yasmin says:

WanG, Dah try buat ? haha .. anyway, good luck and thanks singgah :)

wanG says:

salam perkenalan…blogwalking n jumpa this your blog, sunggguh sedap;-)
your chocolate pots look yummy lah…must try this weekend-thanks for the recipe ;-)

Yasmin says:

Sama2 Nora.. memang senang, tapi make sure tak lebih masak..and tapis, actually kak lupa nak tapis :) Janji sedap !

Nora says:

WOW…! nampak cam senang je…ingredients pun skit jek…klu makan ngan stroberi mesti sedap kan..nak cuba laa…thanks kak min for the recipe :)

Yasmin says:

Ok sama-sama Fidah.. but makan sikit je tau, kolesterol..hehe

Rafidah S says:

tq for the recipe.. can’t wait to try this weekend.. =)