3rd book,”Sugarcraft” giveaway

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Salam & hi to all readers.. yesterday I’ve posted in my FB on the new book.   This is the translated version of my first book “Kraf Gula”.  The contents are all the same, only in ENGLISH language. Price is slightly cheaper at RM28.00, and RM31 for Sabah/Sarawak.

Table of contents :

Excerpt :

If you are interested to order, kindly call the following person at  Utusan Publication :

Mohd Ridzuan bin Malik
Eksekutif Pemasaran
Zon Utara/Tengah
019-381 7990
Syahrir bin Sulaiman
Eksekutif Pemasaran
Zon Selatan/Tengah
019-361 1349
Bob Shegar
Eksekutif Pemasaran
Zon Utara/Tengah
019-233 7186
or order online HERE.

As usual, as a token of appreciation, I have 3 copies to giveaway..  to 3 lucky readers.

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3.  Leave your name and email address in the comment section below.

Comments section will be closed on 25th October, 2012.   I will announce the winners soon after that.  Only open to Malaysians.  Thank you very much for your interest and support, happy baking and cake decorating !


Pek Law Heong says:

I’m new to fondant and sugarcraft, would love to have your book ;)
I love all your sweet art-piece!

saliza binti abu hassan says:

conform look real, like your book as a references,ust wait for your book

Hi Assalamualaikum

I’m new to this world and curiosity beats all :)

Latifah Ibrahim

MamaDot says:

Wan Nursaiedah bt W.Ismail wnursaiedah@gmail.com

Azrina Abdul Hamid says:

Salam perkenalan. Teruja untuk dapatkan buku ni n looking forward to attend your class. Insya Allah.

slim akthar says:

Address : 161b , 7/8 , lorong sri astana
bandar sri astana
sungei petani
keadah darul aman .080000

Paula says:

Love your website and would love your book.

efaliza binti abdul hamid says:

efaliza binti abdul hamid aefaliza@yahoo.com

Ainul Azdean Oon says:

Try my luck for the second time…Would be my “encyclopedia” for my current project thanks to my SIFU Kak Min… ^_^

Junaidah Hj Chirah says:

nak jugak satu copy walaupun dah ada yang bahasa Malaysia :)

Susanne Valentin says:

I would love to wind a copy of the book.

sakunthala devi says:

I like the recipes and tips on your blog. Thanx for sharing. Hope i am one of the lucky readers who receives your book.

Cecilia Pereira says:

Would love to have a copy of the book.

Norazizah Surip says:

Norazizah Surip, norazizahs@gmail.com