Making a ‘Swiss roll’

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Today we had our ‘Baking for Beginner’ class, taught by Chef Gunawan.  5 types of cakes were taught in this class – how to bake butter cake, chocolate cake, fruit cake, cheese cake and also sponge cake.  Full class info is at the top page.  Chef Gunawan was kind enough to show us how to make Swiss roll, using the sponge cake that we baked.   Below are links to the videos which I took during class.. a bit unprofessional (sorry !)  Hope you’ll learn a thing or two from this short video, especially the technique on how to roll it.

Swiss Roll – part 1

Swiss Roll – part 2

Next class is on Oct 14th, 2012.

Here are more ideas on decorating ‘Swiss rolls’, I haven’t tried it myself..  ( Now we know the secret ! )

Thank you to the wonderful students who came today.   Have a great weekend everyone.  Cheers :)