Making a teddy bear cake topper

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Sometimes when I am not too busy, I do accept cake orders.  This time the request was for a Baby Shower cake.  It’s a boy, so the theme was light blue.  Even the bear’s nose is blue, notice ?  Heheh.. ok here goes.   A tutorial on how to make a teddy bear.  I am using my own homemade fondant which is quite stiff.  You can also add some gum paste, gumpaste powder or CMC powder to the fondant.  The idea is to turn the fondant into a modelling paste which is stiff, so the figurine won’t droop.

First make the body, roll into a ball then squeeze the ends to make a tear drop shape.  Add the legs (glue with some water).   Then I used a dry spaghetti as a support for the head.

The tricky part is to put on the teddy bear’s shirt.  So you need to roll a rectangular shaped fondant to wrap around the body.   Then do the same to add sleeves to the bear’s hand.  Join the hands to the body.

After the teddy bear is completed, position on the cake and add the hairs all over the body.   I used fondant for this (with my clay extruder) , another way is to pipe stiff royal icing.

I can’t bear looking at my bear !!  I like it without the hairs but the customer wants a hairy one :)

Anyway, making all these cute baby accessories makes me wish I can have another baby.. sob ! sob !  My one and only child is already 13 and so far, no more babies.   I guess we should be grateful for what we have and I am truly blessed for this life, alhamdulillah.

See you again after Raya, wishing all my Muslim readers Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri….

May the occassion of Eid bless you with peace and bring joy to your heart and home.


Annie says:

Love it I think the hair is very cute

Yasmin says:

Wkmsalam dik, fondant yg kak buat tahan pulak sampai 2, 3 minggu. Bergantung pada cuaca, kalau selalu hujan memang cepat rosak. Simpan dlm bekas kedap udara, letak kat luar je (not in fridge). Tkasih singgah.

Johana says:

Assalam Kak Min, saya pun minat but fondant and biasa buat from scratch. tapi kenapa bila dah seminggu fondant yg dh siap tuh dia timbul bintik2 and bau masam sket (ala2 basi gitu).kebykannya sy buang n buat baru.naper n cemana nk elak jd gitu ye kak..

Yasmin says:

Tkasih byk Liza, really appreciate the info :)

saliza abu hassan says:

kalu kruma nabi tu lebih afdal, bijinya terutama yang ada tulis Allah @ muhamad ,kalu anak kita sakit perut @ nak ambil exam rendam esoknya minum….insyaAllah.kita berusahakan…Allah lebih tau yang terbaik untuk kita.

Yasmin says:

Saliza, buah kurma ye.. tak kisah jenis apa ? ni utk wife ke husband. Insyaallah akan diusahakan. Thank you singgah. :)

saliza abu hassan says:

Salam min. fondant kat teddy bear u seakan-akan plastic chocolate la….
untuk u..i bagi tips yang diamalkan oleh orang-orang arab n sunah nabi untuk dapat anak….InsyaAllah …”Kun fa ya kun” salah satu ayat dalam surah yassin. setiap hari ambil segemgam tamar + dengan susu kambing asli , diblend, selawat 3x,minum,amalkan setiap pagin malam.

Yasmin says:

Salam Tie, cuba try 1 teaspoon cmc mix into 250 gm fondant. And then add more if nk fondant jadi lagi keras. Agak2 je :)

Rosmawati says:

Tie suka tengok min buat teddy bear guna fondant. Kalau Tie guna homemade fondant mesti tambah cmc gum berapa banyak nak tambah? Tie kena agak2 ke? Untuk buat flower dan figurine kena tambah gumkan? Kalau Tie guna xanthan gum bolehtak? Sebab bakeri dekat2 rumah ni takdela pulak.

Yasmin says:

Hi Kumari, thank you .. hope to meet you someday in class.
Sabrina, senang je.. you can edit photos here :
Mark, thank you for stopping by :)

Mark Selvin says:

I just love teddy bear, after every two months one new teddy is add to my bedroom, I like your baking project of teddy bear that is really very cute that the one who see it immediately ready to buy it because of its looks and as it is so cute i am sure that it having a great taste.

sabrina says:

Min…I like with the hair…nampak real…sweet sangat…min how do you capture the photo and having the zig zag outer line for the border???

kumari says:

Hi Min , truly love your cake and yes I agree with you, teddy bear without hair will look better , but no choice… have to go by custmor’s choice but its simply cute . Looking forward to attend your classes one day. Have a nice day.