My wish list – books (June 2012)

Going through the Editor’s top picks at my favourite online book store, Bookdepository,  I found a few books that I wish I could have.

Reza's Indian Spice

“Reza combines the Indian flavours and dishes we love with the easily available ingredients of the west with stunning results in 100 fresh and modern recipes. The stunning photographs bring in all the colours of India with more than a touch of Bollywood pzazz.”  I’ve watched Reza’s show a few times on Astro, in the past,  and all the Indian food he cooks seems delicious, and authentic.    Really wish I could have this book.

Super Pops: Cake Pops, Cookie Pops, Meringue Pops, Toffee Pops & More...

This is another book which caught my eye.   The title is Super Pops: Cake Pops, Cookie Pops, Meringue Pops, Toffee Pops & More…  ( wow, didn’t know there were so many types of pops ! ).  “A mix of traditional and new recipes – from truffles to meringues – which feature an exciting mix of soft, crunchy, or chewy sweet treats with a range of decorating options.”


The Medieval Kitchen: A Social History with Recipes

If I have extra cash, I would get myself the book above, just to look at the pictures and recipes.  “Contrary to what is often believed, good food was valued highly in the Middle Ages – the fragrance of exotic spices filled the air, meat turned on the spit and fish was consumed in abundance for religious reasons. The wealthy made a show of their prosperity by serving peacock or wild boar at banquets, while the poor ate vegetables, porridge and bread. Fresh and preserved fish, meat, fruit and vegetables were transported great distances to grace dining tables across Europe. In The Medieval Kitchen, Hannele Klemettila presents a richly illustrated history of medieval food and cookery in Western Europe and Scandinavia. The book is also a practical cookbook, with a collection of more than 60 originally sourced recipes that can easily be prepared in today’s modern home. Hippocras, roasted veal paupiettes with bacon and herbs, and rose pudding tempt with the beguiling flavours of a bygone era. The Medieval Kitchen corrects many common misconceptions about the food of the Middle Ages, and acquaints the reader with the food culture, customs and ideologies associated with eating in medieval times. The text is accompanied by many fine paintings and drawings, which help to evoke the atmosphere in the dining rooms and kitchens, of both rich and poor, some 600 years ago.”

You can also pre-order books which will be out soon, click on the Bookdepository picture at the end of this post.   New titles to arrive soon :

Alan Dunn's Ultimate Collection of Cake Decorating Mini Sugar Shoes Chocolate Animals The Cake Parlour: Sweet Tables

Oh there’s so many interesting books, I can’t show all of them here.    As mentioned in my earlier post, you can order these books from UK and sometimes it is even cheaper than the price in our local book store.   To see all the books, and not only cookbook, hop over to their website by clicking on the pic below..  

Have fun browsing and shopping !



nurul says:

saya pun selalu beli buku kat bookdepository…murah…selalunya saya compare price dgn local bookstore dulu then kalau sini mahal baru beli kat sinu..he..he…