Decorating a Number One Cake

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Today I decorated a Number 1 Fondant cake and I thought I’d share the step by step pictures with you.  First things first, is baking a Number cake.. nowadays, it should be a simple process.   You can get Number cake pans sold in baking supply shop.  However, in my case, I have to bake a number 1 cake.  And I found out that the pan was too tiny.  It was actually too thin, probably it was meant to be paired with some other number.

So I had no choice but to bake in a bigger pan, cut and joined the cakes to make a number 1.  This was the pan that I used, I baked in total, three cakes.

The cakes turn out fine.   I let the cake cool a while so that it will be firmer to handle.   Then I covered the cake board with fondant.   Now comes the tricky part, ie.  joining the cake.    The cake will have to be assembled on the cake board and I was worried that I would dirty the fondant-covered cake board.   In this situation, you will have to place the cake exactly where you want it to be.  If you try to move the cake later,  it will surely leave a mark on your cake board.  So this was quite a nerve-wracking task.  (Another option is to cover the cake board after covering the cake, but I think this will be quite tricky too due to the odd shape of the cake).

I had to adjust the cakes a bit as there wasn’t  enough space for the bottom part, oh well… we can hide the marks later.  Glue the cakes together using buttercream.  Next step is to cover the cake with fondant.   To do this, take a measuring tape and measure the length and width, including the sides of the cake.  Roll the fondant to fit the cake,  if you don’t have strong hands, ask your hubby to do it…Brush some piping gel on the cake and then cover with fondant.

Trim off the extra fondant using a pizza cutter and craft knife,  and use a Fondant smoother to smooth the surface.

And the cake is almost ready..   I added some frills as requested by the customer,  a little flower here and there, some stars.

And the cake is completed.   Hope the birthday boy and mom like it.


Yasmin says:

Aamira, you can search on youtube, or come to my class, thanks.

Aamira says:

Please explain how u did the frills?

Yasmin says:

Tkasih kak Sab..boleh la, alhamdulillah :)

sabrina says:

Min, It was a successful and fine artwork No.1 cake!! Very smooth, simple and neat!! I like!!..The color combination also..very cooling!!!

Yasmin says:

Thanks Siha.. takpe, tak pandai boleh la dtg belajar.

Priya, so happy that you like the cake ! Hugs and kisses to your son :) Thanks for ordering ya.

Priya says:

Thank you Yasmin for the lovely cake-fell in love with it the moment I laid my eyes on the entire piece.The cake itself was super delicious & soft.My son was thrilled with the entire look of his birthday cake.Kudos!

siha says:

saya boleh buat kek biase2 je tapi bab nak balut2 tu tak pandai!! nampak susah,,

Yasmin says:

thank you Janet, hope the info will be useful to someone :)

Janet Lee says:

Great sharing, sifu!

Yasmin says:

Pauline, pls email me the picture of the peaches. Thanks.

Sharmin & Rafidah, thank you for visiting :)

Salmah, utk permulaan boleh la buat kek yg design simple2 dulu. Practice makes perfect, lama kelamaan pandai la tu. Janji cuba.

salmah abdullah says:

salam kalu tak ada asas bolehkah buat kek secantik ini. Ingat kalu belajar pun mahu ambil masa berbulan2 baru nak pandai

Rafidah S says:

thanks for sharing.. useful tips!

Sharmin rizwan says:

Beautiful art work

Pauline Khoo says:

Hello Min,

Appreciate if you cud teach me how to make smallbun like peaches (sau tau in chinese)using fondant, trying to make cupcakes with these peach decor for an elderly aunt’s birthday.

Thank you.