Cabaran Daisy Sehebat Chef 2012

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On 31st June, 2012 I was invited by En. Nizam from Kosmo newspaper to attend the press conference of Cabaran Daisy Sehebat Chef 2012.  Daisy is a brand, famous for its Corn oil which I often use in my cakes and cookies requiring any vegetable oil.  The main objective of the contest is to discover new talents in the local baking scene, as well as promoting and supporting the small business entrepreneurs.


Some interesting facts about Daisy corn oil :  It is the No. 1 brand in Malaysia, using 100% natural corn oil free of cholesterol, and enriched with Vitamin E and Omega 6.  It contains Poly-unsaturated fat extracted from high quality corns.  When used in baking,  cakes and cookies are finer in textures,  softer and more moist.   This is truly evident in the Swiss Roll that we made during the event.  It tasted really rich and moist.

Meeting Chef Liza who is the ambassador for Daisy was very exciting indeed.   She has a vast experience not only in baking but also cake decorating.  Here she is seen with the sponsors of the event – Kosmo, Daisy, Corningware and Corelle.

I also met some ‘online’ friends  – Chef Asma, Kak Hanielize,  Norbaini, Kak Ita famous for her cookies and a few more.

During the event, we baked cookies and the delicious Swiss roll or Kek Gulung Daisy, using Daisy corn oil.  The Kek Gulung tasted amazing (thank you Chef Liza).   This recipe is included in the Resepi Siri 5, Cabaran Daisy 2011 booklet.  I’m scanning the recipe for you,  please click the picture to get a better view.

Some steps by steps photos :

I really love the taste of this Swiss Roll and hope you will, too.  Don’t forget to grab a bottle of Daisy Corn oil on your next shopping trip.  Cheers.