KL International Book Fair 2012

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I was at PWTC this morning, promoting my two sugarcraft books at Utusan Publications booth.   It is a Saturday and the whole place was so crowded,  buses coming in full of school kids.   Tomorrow is the last day of the Book Fair, which could be why it was jam packed.   I brought some cupcakes and fondant with me, for the kids to decorate.   As soon as I arrived and begin to unpack, kids started stopping by,  curious by the colourful cupcakes.

After that, there was no stopping and everybody tried their hands at decorating the cuppies.

It was so much fun, and here are some of the children who were there.

There were also some other Utusan Publications authors at the booth, and it was nice to get to meet them in person.

"Cara Mudah Membuat Coklat". Penulis : Hanirah Mohamad Nur, Azyati Mohd Agos, Harlina Sani

"Masakan Singapura". Penulis : Aini Salim

For more info on my books, please scroll down to the footer of this page.   You can still buy them tomorrow at Level 2, at 20% off.  If you have not visited the Book Fair, tomorrow is the last day.  My favourite section is the Tun Razak Hall 4 where you will find all the English written cookbooks by celebrity chefs now selling at 40% discount.   Go early in the morning, to avoid the crowd and parking problems.  Till then, take care.

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”  - Confucius 

noreen says:

salam saya berminat belajar membuat kek and hiasan for weading please call me 0192806526 dimana saya boleh belajar secara live.saya tinggal di wangsa maju sekt 10.tq

Yasmin says:

Wkmsalam dik, resepi ni kak dah guna sejak 5 tahun lepas. Cuba kurangkan sikit air yg guna utk rendam gelatine tu. And masa nak uli, taburkan aising sugar. Tq.

alice says:

salam kak min..saya pernah try buat fondant guna resepi kak min.yg buku kaler hijau tu..but fondant tu moisture.stiap kali nak roll kan…mesti melekat..huhu..ada certain buku saya bc x guna gliserin..adakh itu sebabnya?