RM20 Black Forest Cake demo class

Anybody interested to learn how to make and decorate this famous cake ?   As a way of saying “Thank You” to our readers, Chef Gunawan and me at Baking Project have decided to giveaway a Demo class, for a lucky 20 person.   Detail of the class is as follows :

Instructor : Chef Gunawan
Type : DEMO
Date : 6th May 2012, Sunday
Time : 10.30 am to 12 noon. 
Location : Baking Project’s kitchen (map at top page)
Fee : RM20 only
Class detail :  Chef Gunawan will be showing how to make the layers of chocolate cake, and the whipped cream and cherries filling.   The cake will be decorated with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings.

We are only able to accommodate around 20 students per session.  To get a chance to attend this first demo session, at the price of only RM20.00, here’s what you have to do:

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2.  Share this article on your Facebook ( button at top post).
3.   Leave your Name and Email address in the reply/comment section, under this post. 
4.  The result ie names of the 20 lucky students will be announced on the 28th April, 2012.   Please do not make any payment now. 

The offer ends on 27th April, 2012 after which the comment section will be closed.  We will proceed with the demo class if we have a minimum of 10 students.  If we have more than 20 commentators, a LUCKY DRAW will be held to chose the lucky 20.

So, if you are interested to join the class, follow steps 1 to 3  now !  Good luck and we are looking forward to see you guys :).


Suzlenaz says:

Salam, saya berminat utk join kelas Pn… boleh saya tahu bagaimana cara utk saya sertai.

terima kasih…

miza says:

saya nak join kelas ni…pilihla daku…dear…..:)

Noriyati abd kahar says:

Nk join jgk.
nama:noriyati abd kahar

Reen says:

saya berminat nak join kelas ni..harap-harap saya terpilih! terima kasih :)

cekmekzue says:

Salam Kak Min,
i have always wanted to make this black forest cake but still don’t get around to making it, perhaps this is a good time as any to start, i am very much interested to join, hopefully, I am one of the lucky 20,would really love to meet you too.

Siti Arbaah says:

Yessss, I want to join the class….looking forward ya kak Min…tq.

Laleh says:

I am so ineterested

Serena says:

Hope can be among the 20 lucky people

Christine says:

Hi Yasmin, please let me be the lucky one… love your baking!

Aidah says:

Hi Kak Min, berminat nak join …

hemalatha says:


hemalatha says:

Im interested in joining this class. Tq

rafiza says:


Adila says:

Hi Kak Min,

Interested to join!! Thank you

Name: Adila
E-mail: silverdamsel21@gmail.com

Mardziah says:

Plizzz consider saya as lucky student to join this class. Thank you.

Edahani says:

Will be posting on my Facebook after 6pm :) (facebook.com/edahani)


Eunice Lee says:

Hi Kak Yasmin, i hope i will be one of the lucky winner and have chance to meet up with Chef Gunawan & Kak Yamin. Thank you.

jane says:

Hi, I would like to join..Please advise on the venue and how to go about it

Kaironisa says:


Interested to join.:)


Azzuwa Shahfeenaz says:

Azzuwa Shahfeenaz

Email : fairiesgarden@gmail.com

Hury says:

I’m very interested. Hope to be one of your lucky students!

Kind regards

Zora says:

Hi Yasmin, yez i’m very much interested to join this class….hope i’m one of the lucky 20 who’ll be chosen for the class :-)
Name : Zora Ahmad
Email : zoqzoq72@gmail.com

noor saliza says:

nak join jugak.tq

mala says:


I would like to join this class, detail:

Name : Mala
email : paneer_mala@yahoo.com

Tamil Selvi says:

Hi, I’m interested to join…

Name: Tamil Selvi
Email: selvint01@gmail.com

azlina abd aziz says:

Great offer. Interested to join the class

Panimalar says:

I am interested to join the class…pls send me an email on confirmation

rohaiza says:

i want to join pls.how do i pay?

norliza suarnur says:

I am interested in joining classes conduct by baking class.. How to the payment?

Rozana Abdul Rahman says:

sy berminat nk join..mcmana nk buat pembayarannya…or booking..