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One of the things that really brightens up my day is.. getting a parcel through the mail.    All the anticipation, waiting, and finally my book arrived this morning !

I have been ordering my books online from BookDepository for the past few years.  So far service has been good.   I placed my order for this book on 30th March, and got it today 17th April.   Usually it takes about 2 weeks to arrive from UK.   Right now, BookDepository is having a 10% discount on all their books.   What I usually do is compare the prices if I buy the books from our local bookstores, or order it online.   You might find it cheaper to order from BookDepository,  if you don’t mind waiting.

The offer ends on 14th May, 2012.   To all the bookworms out there, don’t miss it !  Click on the banner below to visit their site.  Happy Days are here again :)

10% Discount / APMA12 Coupon Code / Book Depository




Yasmin says:

You are very welcome.. Glad to be of some help :)

Imee says:

THANK YOU for recommending this site! Their prices are definitely wayyyyy cheaper than the prices here! Ada yang difference of over RM100! Thanks again!

uma says:

thank you for recommending this website…have been looking for a good one but haven’t found any.