Easy egg cups

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In my bid to eat healthier,  I decided to add more beans in our every day meal  ( hope this is not just a phase..).  So I went grocery shopping and bought a few types of dried beans, processed them and now I have a stack of ready-beans in my freezer.  The scene is quite daunting and it motivates me to find suitable recipes to use up all the beans.  Browse through one of my favourite gardening-allotment book and I found this recipe, by the writer Celia Brooks.   This recipe calls for pea and feta cheese, but you could easily substitute the ingredients with other types of beans and cheese.   You could even use canned beans, just remember to wash and rinse them.   Green bean is packed with nutrition and fiber, too.

My version of the egg cups:

2 spring onions, chopped
200 gm peas
6 eggs, beaten
140 gm feta cheese, crumbled
4 tablespoon cream
Salt and pepper
Muffin tin – greased

This recipe is so easy.  Its just like making an omelette, baked.   Beat the eggs and season with salt and pepper.  Do not add too much salt as the feta cheese is already salty.  Combine the rest of the ingredients together and mix well.   Pour into the greased muffin holes.   Bake for about 20 to 30 minutes.  Serve warm.


If you don’t have feta cheese, the closest substitute in terms of texture is Ricotta and goats cheese.   But I guess you could just use any cheese you think might taste good with the eggs.  Not much to say about this dish, except that it is delicious and easy to prepare.  Full of  goodness.  Hope you’ll enjoy this quick meal.


Yasmin says:

thanks Agnes. Kak Ros, yg mana satu ni ? If letak gambar muka akak mesti saya ingat. Berkenaan cheese ni saya tak la pro sgt kak, tapi rasanye mcm boleh je, crumbly type gak kan. Tapi sebenarnye cheese yg melting pun ok gek.. thanks singgah :)

Roslina says:

Salam Min, ingat lagi tak akak? your student (dulu kat Putrajaya) thanks for the recipe..nampak sedap! kalau Feta cheese tu ganti dengan Cottage cheese boleh tak?

agnes says:

This egg cup is something new to me, would be good for afternoon tea too, I particularly like the cheese ingredient in it.

Yasmin says:

Jacq and Emma, yes you should try.. but I suggest to try other cheese than Feta, for that creamier taste :)

emma says:

Hi Yasmin, looking yummy, must try this egg. Must try it. :)

JACQ says:

Hello Yasmin! First time commenting here. Got this link from your latest newsletter! It looks so cute, I’m definitely going to try them as soon as I’m free! :)

Yasmin says:

Yes kak, ala2 fritata la tu, tapi comel mcm cup. How are you? Hope you’re doing fine.

Mida Dixon says:

Hi Min, long time not chat with you, this eggy cups are good for light lunch too, as easy as frittata.