Tartlets – fruit & cheese varieties

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Last month I was helping Chef Gunawan to prepare some tartlets to be featured in the Aroma Magazine, February 2012 edition.  For those of you who did not buy the magazine,  take a look at the pages which I scanned below.

Click on the picture to get a better view.

Our tart class for this month will be on 17th March, 2012.  Sms me at 019-3805344 if you are interested to join.  See the top page (Baking class) for more details. In the mean time,  feel free to try the recipes here.  You may also buy ready made tartlets cases, but of course the taste will not be as good as homemade.  Happy baking :)


Yasmin says:

Salam Nurul, your mom must be very happy to receive tarts homemade by you.. good luck :)

Nurul Atika says:

my mom really loves tart. i remember make tart with her a long long time ago. forgot already. need to learn how to make it again so that i can give it to my mom.