My second book – Ilham Reka Kek Fondan

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Alhamdulillah, I’m pleased to announce the publication of my second book by Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn Bhd, following the success of the first book, Kraf Gula.   Jutaan terima kasih kpd semua yg telah membeli buku Kraf Gula.

This second book basically shows 11 step-by-step projects for fondant cake and cupcake ( in Malay language).   It has 66 pages and selling at RM22.00 (Semenanjung)/ RM25 (Sabah/Swak).   “Ilham Reka Kek Fondan” should reach major bookstores such as MPH, Popular etc soon.

I would like to say Thank You to Cake Connection and Pastrypro for sponsoring the flowers and ingredients used in this book.   Do visit their stores, as these two are my favourite places to get supplies and to learn new skills.

As usual, I have 3 copies to giveaway as a token of appreciation to my blog’s readers.   To stand a chance to win a free copy, just leave a comment after this post.  Don’t forget to leave your email address.  We’ll have a lucky draw to see who wins ya, offer ends on 31st May, 2011.   Only for Malaysians.

Till then, take care.



Yasmin says:

Wkumsalam Fauziah, syukur alhamdulillah berguna jugak buku saya ni, saya doakan semoga adik terus berjaya dlm bidang ni. Jika ada apa pertanyaan, boleh emel ke Tkasih kerana sudi membeli buku saya :)

Shyfiqa, sori akak tak jual tapi boleh beli di kedai buku Popular, MPH dll atau order dari website utusan publications. tq.

shyfiqa lee abdullah says:

salam…kak sya nak order buku ni dgn buku kraf gula sekira masih lagi dijual?


Salam puan Yasmin,
Saya telah mendengar kehebatan pn Yasmin dan mendeco kek dan telah ramai yang menjadi pelajar pn Yasmin. Dalam diam2 tahu kah pn Yasmin saya adalah salah seorang pelajarmu yang setia. Saya menghias kek berpandukan buku pn yasmin. dan idea2 kreatif pn Yasmin yang menjadi pedoman saya. Saya teringin sekali menyertai kelas2 yang puan anjurkan tetapi tidak berkesempatan kerana terlalu jauh dan kekangan kerja. Saya berharap saya tidak terlepas untuk memiliki buku kedua ini . Tahniah Pn Yasmin kerana menjadi guruku.

Yasmin says:

Salam dik, buku tu is sold in major bookstores throughout Malaysia or buy it online from Tq.

Shera says:

Hi! Kak, saya nak beli buku akak. Mcm mane nak beli…

lyn says:

hai sis. saya berminat dgn kedua dua buku sis. saya berminat nak membeli kedua dua nya. ble bgi detail mcmana saya boleh dapat membeli buku ni? tq

mamazieza says:

Tahniah Min.. so happy for you..

Nanti jom laa join gathering RNet… lama tak jumpa…

Dill says:


I just came across your website as I was surfing the net for cooking classes. I used to bake but haven’t done so in a long while. Feel like starting again but felt as if I’ve lost the ‘touch’. Looking at your masterpieces, I’m absolutely overwhelmed. They are gorgeous! I would love to participate in any one of your classes to re-brush my baking skills and enthusiasms. And, absolute Congratulations on the 2nd book release.

Hasnita says:

Assalam kak yasmin. Tahniah!!
Semoga terus sukses dalam berkongsi ilmu dalam dunia masakan…

nora says:

salam kak min… saya adalah salah seorang silent reader blog kak min… banyak info tentang dunia bakeri yang terdapat di sini.. seronoknya melihat kek & cupcake yang dihias cantik.. tahniah kerana berjaya menghasilkan buku kedua.. semoga dengan kehadiran buku kedua ini akan menghasilkan lebih ramai usahawan bumiputra..

siti hajar says:

Salam kak…sy baru berjinak2 dgn dunia br jumpa & masuk web ni semalam..kerana mencari fondant ready made.sangat kagum!!! tahniah for the 2nd book released.

Nina says:

My dream is to be able to make beautiful fondant cakes but as I’m a new mummy, I don’t have the time to go for classes. In the meantime I will have to contend with learning from books.. Waiting for the little one to grow up so that I can finally learn from the gurus, eg. yourself!

Susan says:

hi yasmin…congrats on yr 2nd book, will definitely buy this…cheers

tintin carpio says:

hi yasmin! too bad im not a malaysian :) . but it doesnt matter. what matters to me now is for you to know that i love browsing through your site and happened to learn things from your posts. congratulations on your second book and wishing for more success and more sharing on ideas… hehehehe!!! goodluck!! cheers!

Pn Rafidah says:

Alhamdulillah dan tahniah Puan Yasmin. Ilmu yang bermanfaat akan dimanfaatkan. Terima kasih atas perkongsian ilmu.

waty says:

congrats!! selalu jd silent reader jek. dh ade buku 1st. lepas ni nk dptkan buku yg 2nd ni pulak. teruskan usaha.. :)

Jo says:

Hi kak ^-^ Im Jo from Groupon Fondant class the other day x)
The chinese girl^^
I’ll be trying to make some fondant with my friends tomorrow :D
Hope it works and thanks for the class :)

Nor Bakyah@Becky says:

Salam chaiyok!!!…kak min …have a blast…congrats for ur newborn bb…succes succes selalu…

tiffany says:

i am new learner for fondant cake decorating….hope can see more post from you….thanks.

Nik suzie says:

Assalamualaikum kak min,

Saya selalu mencari ilmu di blog kak min selama ni. Tahniah for the 2nd book. Saya baru dapat buku pertama kak min. Sangat berguna untuk saya yg baru nak mencuba ni. Banyak teknik yg saya belajar. Yg pasti saya akan miliki buku ke2 kak min untuk saya menambah ilmu yg baru seciput ni. Teringin nak attend kelas kak min, tapi baru dapat baby and berada jauh di Kuala Terengganu. 1 day saya akan attend kelas kak min, insyaallah……

Lacress Wai says:

Last time I bought fondant from u, still not yet show my appreciation. Now thank you once more ^^ Congratulations for your new book! I am waiting forward to have your book ^^ Wish you happy everyday!

Mrs Kelly Walther says:

Congratulations & happy baking:)

Thachayani Ignaiusmuthu says:

hai Pn Yasmin,
I enjoyd ur blog very much, love your lessons, thanks alot pn yasmin, readers like me have learned so much from you, especially the lesson on pipping gel, rose using the cone…cause my rose always collapes pn yasmin coz of poor base tp skrg i got to know from you the other better and superb alternative. Thank you so much and a personality like you need a good blessing from god, there u are publishing the 2nd book! Bravo pn yasmin…Thank you

Nanie says:

Salam, i found your blog while looking for fondant recipe. But then i’m awed with everything ^ ^

Tekejut bila tgk bahan2 utk recipe fondant tu in RM. sronok giler bila tau malaysian jgk. hehe

Congrats on your 2nd book btw!

suezahid says:

kak min… i’ve been ur silent reader for a few years! anyway congrates on ur coming book release…. all the best for u! =)

sarah says:

tahniah kak min…
mesti ada dalam koleksi utk lengkapkan dgn edisi kraf gula dulu..
banyak ilmu yg saya dapat..
tak sabar nak dapatkannya :)

khartini says:

congratulation k.min…. sy slalu follow blog akak….jd silent reader aje…..insyaallah ada masa teringin nak join class akak….. all the best k.min…….

nina says:

Congratulations :)

nina says:

Congratulations!! :)

rohana ramlan says:

congrate to yasmin. saya dah ada 1st book. insyaAllah nak try cari yg ni pulak.

sundra says:

congrats on your 2nd publication.ur books n steps are creative,simple to follow.easy for beginners to learn n keeps me aspired.thank q n god bless u for your initiative.

edina says:

tahniah di atas pelancaran buku ini, kak min. semoga success selalu. all the best! – edi-

Siew Li says: I late of wat?..congrats..hope to be able to join one of your classes soon

Adnazthie says:

Assalamualaikum Puan Min,


Zora says:

Congrats on your 2nd. book! i really like your blog & the free recipes given as it’s easy to follow. Will buy your book once it reach JB bookstores! I hope you will come up with a new book for the ‘Mother & Daughter’ baking steps….especially with kids below 12yrs old. Thanx Min!

eetee70 says:

Congrats on the release of yr 2nd book, so proud to see other people’s success especially in this baking field….hv always been looking at yr blog from far, can’t wait to meet the person herself….keep it up, like yr sincererity…..

khaera says:

really admired to all ur decorations!!!marvelouss..creative and superbss.. congratulations..dream to be in your class one day..

assalamualaikum..kak min..tahniah sy ucapkan coz dah keluar buku baru…insya ALLAH saya akan cari kat kedai buku..nampak dari luarannya memang memikat…x sabar ler pulak nak cari..tahniah dari saya yer..selamat maju jaya…

azmira says:

congrate kak min…i dah ada the 1st book..i am looking forward for the second book…

ty says:

Salam kak min,

ty bru je mengenali kak min melalui blog. berminat gak tuk join kursus yg kak min anjurkan. nak kembangkan ilmu yang seciput ni. belum lg terpandang buku kak min kat kedai buku insyallah bila terpandang je akan ty beli tuk jadikan rujukan.

vijaya says:

Kak Min, thank you for sharing your knowledge and tutorials. I’ve learned alot, can’t wait to see you and attend your class (groupon class). I’m very excited!

tokchik says:

puan, sayang mengenali blog puan menerusi pembacaan saya…ruangan resepi
bukan nak memuji, bukan nak membodek, puan tak kedekut ilmu
maaf cakap…saya pernh mencuba beberapa resepi yang diberikan oleh mereka diluar sana…hasilnya menghampakan…
rasanya tak perlu kedekut kalau nak mengajar, kalau rasa keberatan nak berkongsi….jangan paparkan resepinya…orang tak akan mencuba, dan orang tak akan mengutuk kita sebab resepi yang diberikan hasilnya kelaut. membazirkan duit membeli bahan2

Ana says:

Congratz Kak Min on your 2nd book. The 1st book dah ada..tak sabar nak dapatkan yg ni pulak..

Siti says:

tahniah kak…saya pembaca senyap blog ni

Ivy PM says:

congrats on your 2nd book, hope to see more…

Selvi says:

Hi Min,
Congratulations on your 2nd book release. Hope to learn more from you…