Baking Project Groupon feature

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Many thanks to those who had bought the voucher to attend my Fondant Cupcake deco class.   Baking Project was featured in Groupon website from 28th April to 2nd May.  All 150 vouchers were sold out on the first day.   For class reservation, please call Groupon customer service at 016-948 4539.    When am I going to give out another fantastic discount similar to this, many had asked.   Well, probably after 3 months, when all the Groupon classes are over.  In the meantime, I look forward to meeting all the new students who has signed up.

For those who missed the deal, do subscribe to Baking Project facebook page to get the latest notification.   And check out Groupon website, where you will find great discounts everyday.




May Lin says:

Nice if you could organise a class for cupcake fondant in Penang.

Ida Maluri says:

Your new book will be my next collection and will help me to enhance my knowledge on fondant. Good luck. i salute you..

suriya says:

It’s nice to see such a beautiful & creative art work of cake deco.
The book is agood guidance for all beginners. Great job , keep t up.