Figurine from Rice Krispies Treats

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Just a short note on how I completed my giant mushroom using Rice Krispies Treats (RKT).   Read yesterday’s post on how I made the RKT.  Once the RKT is cooled, I layered it with buttercream to close the little holes and make the surface smooth.

Then, just cover it with fondant.  If you want the surface to be really smooth, use a thicker layer of buttercream or fondant.

Due to its light weight, the use of RKT is really suitable in this kind of construction.  It taste good, too. Kids will love it.  Thanks for reading.  Bye now :)


Yasmin says:

Salam Lynne, I guess if you cover the RKT with fondant then tak masuk angin sgt kut.. sorry I havent tried this many times, so am not so sure. Thanks for visiting :)

Lynne says:

Hi, I’m thinking of trying out RKT for my fondant decor. But due to our humidity in Malaysia, I’m concerned about the RKT ‘masuk angin’, and that the crispiness cannot lasts. Any idea how long I can keep at room temp since I can’t keep fondant in the fridge? Thank you for any thoughts.