Cake Leveler

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With a few extra Ringgit in my purse, I decided to splurge on a large Wilton Cake Leveler, during a trip to Pastrypro, Kepong recently.   I think its about time that I have this very useful gadget.  All this while I have been leveling my cakes using a long knife.  Sometimes you end up with a cake with a not so smooth top.  The Wilton cake leveler cost RM82.60.  It says here that the ‘blade easily levels and tortes cakes up to 18 inch wide.  Adjusts up to 3 inch high.’  Perfect, just what I needed coz I wanted my customers to get a 3 inch high cake, and nothing less.

The thing to adjust is the feet, which can slide up or down.  Make sure the blade is lock at the same height, count the number of notches to ensure each side is equal.

I find that using the cake leveler is easy.  Place it on a flat surface, and then use a sawing motion to trim off the cake’s crown.  Be very careful, the blade is sharp.  My cake below was a 12 inch cake ( see the completed cake here).

And voila !  You get a smooth and even surface (plus, you get to eat the cut-off bits).

Time to throw away my old mini cake leveler.. it looks kinda pathetic compared to my new larger one (ungrateful me !)

I guess I’ll keep it to level smaller cakes.  It does work, but only to a certain height,  probably 2 inches.  It can still be used to divide cakes into half,  for fillings.

Till the next post, happy baking and caking :) .


Yasmin says:

Junaidi, you have to let the cake cool down first ya. If masuk fridge, lagi senang nak potong or carve. TQ.

junaidi says:

Hi Kak

Thanks for this tip! But just want to ask, do you cut while the cake is warm or completely cooled down?

Yasmin says:

You’re welcome, Mousse cakes & Hani.. Hani, the old one is still ok, just use a sawing motion when cutting, but you hv to be really careful to ensure both sides are equal in height.

hani says:

oh..i used to have that old one. i didn’t even know how to use it. i use long knife and it always turn out horrible, never got it right. thnx for this post.

Mousse Cakes says:

What a great tool! Definitely something any serious baker should invest in! Thanks for the tip!