Baking a rich fruit cake

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When I was young, my dad would take us to this Mamak restaurant.  On every table, they would serve slices of fruit cake wrapped in clear plastic.  You could see all the raisins in there, and I remember my dad loved it.  So, whenever I bake a Fruit cake, it always reminds me of our regular trips back in Sitiawan, Perak.

One thing which holds me back from baking fruit cakes regularly is the amount of preparation beforehand.  The weighing of all the ingredients and also lining of the baking pan itself.  Because this recipe requires baking for about 2 1/2 hours, the pan had to be lined quite thick to prevent the cake from being overcooked.

Grease the inside of the pan.  Double-line the side and bottom with non-stick baking paper.  On the outside, wrap with another 2 layers of brown paper.  The baking sheet is lined with 4 thickness of brown paper.  Make sure the top has an extra one inch above the tin, again to prevent burning the sides.  I also sprayed the baking paper before pouring in the cake batter.

Now comes the recipe.  This is adapted from a recipe by Nicholas Lodge.  Makes a 7 inch round cake.


A :
Raisin 185 gm
Sultanas 185 gm
Currants 125 gm
Dried apricot, chopped 90 gm
Glace cherries 90 gm
Mixed peel 45 gm
Mixed chopped nuts 45 gm
Lemon rind  1 1/2 teaspoon
Lemon juice 1 1/2 tablespoon
Orange juice/ sunquick 4 tablespoon
B :
All purpose flour 220 gm
Mixed spice 2 teaspoon
Ground almond 45 gm
Brown sugar 135 gm
Butter 155 gm
Molasses 1 tablespooon
Large egg 3

*  For the fruits, you could also buy packs of  ready-mix fruits instead of individually weighing them.



Place A in a bowl, mix well and leave overnight, if possible.

In another big bowl, mix in B.  I just use a wooden spoon, and not mixer for this.  Beat for about 3 minutes until the batter is smooth.   Now take A and stir into B.  Stir gently until all the fruit is equally distributed.

Spoon into the prepared cake pan.  Smooth the top with the back of a wet spoon. Bake at 140C  for about 2 1/2 hours, or slightly less.

If you dont intend to eat the cake immediately, just leave the lining paper on cause it will prevent the cake from drying.  I would wrap this cake in aluminum foil and keep it in the fridge.  Will last for a month, at least.

The cake is delicious and moist, and I hope you’ll try it.  Definitely a keeper. 

You are welcome, Tandy.

Paul, tkasih for the tip :)

Paul says:

Salam Kak, terima kasih sudi berkongsi resepi ini. saya letak 4 tbsp strawberry jam untuk perap fruits tuh, rasa sedap.

Tandy Lemus says:

Im thankful for the blog post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

Yasmin says:

Waalaikumslm Aini, ok sama2. I pulak suka letak mix fruits yg dah ready. you can get good mix kat Pastrypro, Kepong :) Good luck !

Aini says:

Salam Min, tqvm for the recipe. Dah puas cari fruit cake recipe yg mixed fruits kena mix sendiri, finally jumpa kat your blog :) Dah malas nak beli ready mixed fruit dlm kotak coz asyik tak puas hati jek, terlalu byk raisin. Tq once again.

Yasmin says:

Salam, so far takde.. ikut step by step article ni, ok jadi insyaallah..

gdah says:

salam Min…
tak de buat class untuk fruit cake? Would like to join kalau Min ada organise baking class. Bye

Ila says:

Salam, kak Yasmin. Tq so much up load ur recipe. Terlior tgk fruit cake u. Mmg nampak rich tp tak de masalah ker masa nak potong kek tu. Nak bakar dalam suhu berapa api macamana

Yasmin says:

Wkmsalam Izan, tak pernah pulak cuba utk steam kan kek ni. Buah mendap ke bawah mungkin sebab texture kek tu, terlalu byk liquid jadi tak boleh nak hold all the fruits. Insyaallah kalau ada resepi steam fruit kek akak akan share sini ye. Tq.

izancookies says:

Salam Yasmin,cake tu nampak sedap,saya lebih suka moist steam fruit cake.boleh tak resipi ni di kukus?saya dah cuba banyak resipi steam fruit cake ni,tapi x jadi.bila masak textture cake kering dan buah nya mendap kebawah.boleh kah saya dapatkan resipi dan petua membuat steam fruit cake ni.

Yasmin says:

Wkmsalam Manisah, the cake turn out ok for me.. maybe add a little more liquid, reduce baking time slightly or oven temperature. Can’t really tell coz air tangan org semua berbeza :) But nevertheless I think this is a good recipe. tq for trying.

Manisah says:

Salam Yasmin, happy to get yr recipe and as well I looked up Nicholas Lodge’s book. Made the cake due to hubby’s nostalgia of kek kedai mamak. Yes, agreed with you the preparation was a bit time consuming. My cake did not come out that moist, don’t know why. It’s kinda dry nevertheless, the taste is great!

Yasmin says:

Salam Zora, total up the weight of all the separate fruits in the recipe, and then gantikan aje dgn buah yg ready mix tu.. I’m not sure how many grams in a box. Good luck:)

Zora Ahmad says:

Hi Yasmin, tq so much for the recipe, definitely will try it coz my family luv it so much. saya cuma nak tahu kalau saya nak guna ready mix fruit, brapa kotak @ brpa grams? Coz tak silap saya kalau 1 kotak biasanya guna about 450gms…tq.

siha says:

sedapnye, saya memang minat kek buah ni! Kek lain tak minat..

Yasmin says:

Salam Ezza, boleh try ganti ngan honey, dark corn syrup
OR maple syrup. Thanks.

kak ezza says:

Kalau tak da Molases tu..apa substitud dia…

Thanks for sharing this beautiful cake..I love it..