Ladies shoes (gumpaste)

Decorating cakes with shoes are nothing new.. I’ve seen the shoe cutters being sold for a few years now.  But somehow I don’t really the idea of putting shoe on your cake, maybe it’s the way I was brought up.  In real life, shoes should be kept away from food..  Nevertheless, I decided to put away those thoughts and bought myself a shoe cutter from Jem Cutters.   And here are the results :


What do you think ? The green one was not really dried and looks a bit distorted :P .   Let me show you how the cutter and mold looks like.  There are a few brands in the market, and each look different. The Jem Cutters I’ve used is this one.


It comes in several parts – the heel mold, sole cutter and the upper shoe parts.  And two small foams are also given for support.   Making the ladies shoe is not that difficult actually. Just cut and join the parts together.


The only drawback is you only have two of those small styrofoam for support.  So you have to wait for one shoe to dry before proceeding to make the other.  A slow process if you are planning to make more than one pair.  You could try to use cotton balls or other suitable things to hold the gumpaste parts while they are drying.  My recommendation is to make these shoes a few days ahead and not in our rainy days, you know the gumpaste might take a while to dry.   All in all,  I had a fun day making these ladies shoes and probably will add them as accessories to my cakes in the future.  Bye now :) .




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Yasmin says:

thank you thank you Charmaine.

Yasmin says:

thank you Vicky :)

Yati & Tiara says:

Salam Kak Min…thanks for the lesson today, we really enjoyed them very much and can’t wait to do it back home….Insyaallah will share the pics with you and please feel free to comment. Take Care.

Yasmin says:

Wkmslm Norini, sori x jual any tools. Thank you.

norini says:

salan min , nak tanye u jual ke semua aksesori tuk buat kasut tu
suke tgok fondant u cantik2

Yasmin says:

Thanks Maryl and EZsweets, really appreciate it.

Anne, tkasih byk. good luck in your cake biz ye. Buku akak boleh beli online kat Utusan Publication website.

Monica, I bought them from a cake shop here in KL, Malaysia. I think you can get them from any Jem cutter suppliers.

Mónica Hernández says:

Hi could you tell me when can i get the heel mold please
thank you,
I´m form Veracruz México

Anne says:

Salam kak min, sy nak beli buku akak, tapi kat Lumut, Perak ni tak berapa ada buku camtu…Sy dah cari satu Lumut, Manjung….semua takde….mungkin sy ter’miss’ masa dia ada kot… :(

Sy suka blog akak, dr zaman akak guna blogspot sampailah sekarang dah .com….u’re such talented n gifted… :) Kak min, one day sy nak p belajar ngan akak….believe it or not, i can make cuppies n even take orders just by learning from your website…hopefully kalau p belajar ngan akak, sy akan jadi hebat macam akak dlm buat benda2 camni… :) huhu…

P/S: Buku akak tak jual online ke? :/

EZSweets says:

this is very creative!

Maryl says:

Those are really cute. Every shoe lover would love them on top of the cakes.
Not just the typical sandals but proves that you have a really good taste not just in pastries but in style.

Yasmin says:

Thanks Cath, Kak Lea and Ladymarko. :)

ladymarko says:

Cool! You go girl!! =)

Sis Lea says:

Isk Min ni,kasut la pulak…min kene buka kelas mendeco kasut la pula tau

cathj says:

lama tak visit site ni laaa…. ^_^

Yasmin says:

Dik, I dont think the shoe fits.. cuma dlm pjg 3 inch je tu..

tenteraangin says:

beautiful.. i dont want to eat the cake … coz i want to wear it

Yasmin says:

Eh tengok muka mcm ingat.. dtg la. :)

mayangsutera says:

Salam Min,cantik sungguh creation yg Min buat nie. dulu dah belajar buat figurin dgn Min, nie kena sambung balik nie..

Yasmin says:

Mama – tima kasih, eh takkan le nak tayang kasut betul pulak kat sini.. haha.

Cha – thanks singgah.

cha says:

cantiknye sume kasut2 ni :-) kreatif sgtt

MamaFaMi says:

Very true la Min.. kenkadang rasa macam bersalah je nak letak kasut atas kek kan? Hehehe.. Tapi nowadays dah moden, bukan kata kasut je, segala benda pun orang dah jadikan kek.

Masa blog Min keluar, mama ingatkan tu gambar kasut untuk dipakai. Kotlah Min nak tayang kasut baru ke… rupa-rupanya gumpaste shoes. Wow they look real la Min. Cantik sekali….

Yasmin says:

Marsha, kat MPH and Popular sepatutnye ada, mungkin habis stok. Satu RM30.
Eyna and Linda – tkasih.
Norrizan, I tak jual those cutters or any other gadgets. :)

norrizan says:

Dear min,

Did you sell the shoe cutter?very interesting.Very beautiful.It looks like real shoes..

Marsha says:

Salam. Kak Min…tools utk buat ladies shoes tu akak beli kat mana? Berminat la kak…please inform me….tq…:)

Linda Hussin says:

Kak Min,

Menariknya cutter tu. Tp betul mcm Kak Min cakap, kasut & mknan xboleh letak skali =D Tp skarang ni dh moden kut… Mcm boleh buat… Take care!

p/s: Lama xjmpa akak…

ummi eyna says:

alamak…. cun nyer….. bravo kak….

Marsha says:

Salam. Kak Min…sy minat sgt ngan gumpaste ni. Sy nak beli buku akak tp kat mana ade jual ye kak? Sy cari kat Popular tp xde. MPH ade x kak? Satu lg…harga buku tu rm brp ye kak?

Yasmin says:

Hi Pauline, thanks for buying my book and also stopping by ya :)

Pauline Soo says:

Yasmin, Beautiful creations! Thanks for sharing. I always wondered how gumpaste shoes were made. I also bought your book “Kraf Gula” which gave me an idea how to make gumpaste figurines. So, thanks again!