Bread making & Mexican bun

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My first wholemeal Graham Bread (too healthy for me !)

The idea of baking bread from scratch always sounds daunting to me (even though my ultimate wish is to be one of those who bakes bread everyday to feed their family). I have attended classes for making bread before, but I guess if we don’t practice then the technique is soon forgotten. Armed with a renewed hope, I enrolled myself in a bread making class at Pastrypro (www.pastrypro.com.my) last Friday. What I’ve discovered is, bread making is not that difficult after all. With all the latest ingredients and technique, all you need is patience.

We learn to bake 3 types of bread – French baguette, Graham Bread and the all-purpose Soft bun. Basically the steps involve in baking bread is :

  1. Measuring the ingredients
  2. Mixing
  3. Fermentation (1st rise)
  4. Scaling & rouding
  5. Intermediate proofing (2nd rise)
  6. Glazing & slashing the loaf
  7. Final proofing (3rd rise)
  8. Baking

For further details on baking bread, hop over to http://breadbaking.about.com/.

I’m giving away the recipe that we used in class for the basic Soft Bun. It’s one of the rich dough type, with high proportion of fat, sugar and eggs. This recipe is very handy, as you can make all sorts of things out of the soft bun. We made Mexican bun, buns with tuna filling and also using hot dogs.

One of the brand used in class is called IREKS, which is being sold at Pastrypro. The recipe below and many other bread recipes, can be found in IREKS website.


High protein flour – 500 gm
IREKS soft plus – 5 gm
IREKS wheat sour – 10gm
Instant dry yeast – 15gm
Milk powder – 15 gm
Salt – 10 gm
Sugar – 125 gm
Eggs – 75gm
Water (cold) – 210 to 225 gm
Butter (add after half of the mixing time) – 15 gm
Shortening (add after half of the mixing time) -15 gm

Method :

Mix all ingredients on medium speed using the dough hook, about 8 minutes. No bulk fermentation or first rise is needed, straight away scale into the sizes you want. Round it and let is rest for 15 minutes. Then you can shape it or add any fillings you want. Final proof for 35 minutes. Bake at 180C for around 12 to 15 minutes. Enjoy the sweet aroma in your kitchen and in no time, your buns are ready !

Mexican bun before going into the oven

To make the famous Mexican bun, here’s the recipe for the filling and topping :

Filling :
Skim milk powder 100 gm
Milk powder 100 gm
Sugar 150 gm
Butter 100 gm
Vanilla essence 10gm
Eggs 50 gm
Method -mix all together and fill in the soft bun
Topping :
Flour 200 gm
Sugar 200 gm
Butter 200 gm
Eggs 200 gm
Nescafe powder 5 gm
Mocha essence 10 gm
Method – mix all together and pipe onto the soft bun.

You can read more bread stories in my Flickr. Hope you’ll find them useful. Thank you Pastrypro and Chef Steven for the excellent class.


Bread Lover Mommy says:

Glad to see you’re in the club! It may turn out to be quite an obsession, who knew baking bread could be so much fun. Of course, nowadays I just bung it all in the the bread machine!!! Lots of recipes at my site if you want to experiment….

Lorena Binisol says:

Thanks for this informative item!! I surely will try out this bread making.. again!!. I have tried countless of times but I could never get a good one. Probably my kneading technique is not good enough.

Once i get a good loaf, i will publish it.. Thanks for your tips and help!!

MamaFaMi says:

Geramnya tengok roti tu… slice, pas tu buat garlic bread cicah dengan mushroom soup… pergh… tak nampak orang lalu lalang! Kalau nampak pun, buat buat tak nampak je, kalau tak, kena share nanti! Hihihi… tamak haloba punya manusia! Ahakss.. just joking!

beldandy says:

thank for the recipe kak min.
Saya takut nak buat roti sbb takut kena uli sampai tercabut tangan..hehehehtakde machine power to knead those dough.

PG CakeCraft says:

hi Yasmin, reading your post on bread making reminded me of the bread making class that i attended way back in 2000. it was a 3 mth, certificate course held at the Culinary Arts Centre, Penang. i often bake croissants and strudels. btw, is ireks soft plus a type of bread softener?