Anniversary cake

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She is from Finland, a nurse. And he is from Norway, a computer genius. Celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. And this is the cake that their friend ordered from me, with very specific instruction on how the cake would look like :

Look closely, she’s an evil nurse.. with an XXXL syringe. Poor guy.. and the cat, was like thinking, what’s happening dude ?? :D

Anyway, I hope the couple will find this funny. Thanks Miss Nazeen, for your order.

Another Year

Another year to create

precious memories together.

Another year to discover

new things to enjoy about each other.

Another year to build

a life rich in love and laughter.

Another year to strengthen

a marriage that defines “forever.”

Happy Anniversary!

(Poem by Joanna Fuchs) 

Yasmin says:

Rat, kalau nak belajar kek mcm ni, ambik kelas Fun figure modelling tu..

rat says:

I betul2 nak belajar buat kek dgn kak min ni….
teruja tgk kek2 dia…

wiz says:

Minnnnnnnnnnn! the cake looks out of this world sedap yak amat. You must put aside a piece for me coz if I make I have the tendency to eat it every single crumb. SInce my kids and hsbd tak berapa suker, lagi la I cake bermaharajalela.

Min says:

Thanks Linda & Dilla.

acikdilla says:

u r very talented n creative person la kak min…congratulation,the cake is so beautiful n unique… brilliant idea… i love it :)