Culinary stencils

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Today I was a bit free and decided to try the cake stencils I bought. This is my first time trying to decorate a fondant cake with stencils.. well, I must say I’m not so lucky. You’ll see why, later. First thing to remember when buying a cake stencil is ensure the size of the stencil fits the size of the cake. In our case, Malaysian cakes are usually around 3 inch in height. So, the size of the stencil must be the same, or you could cut the bottom to fit the side of the cake. Like the flower scroll stencil on the right, below. (but make sure the line is straight :) )

First, I tried using the stencil with royal icing. I taped the side of the stencil so it wouldn’t move. You could also try to glue it with some royal icing, but I doubt if it will be strong enough.

Then, take a scrapper and spread the royal icing evenly over the stencil.

Here is where I made a mistake. I guess you have to scrap it in one way and ensure the stencil is wrap tightly against the side of the cake. My royal icing sort of bleed and went under the stencil :oops: . This is how it turns out (sigh .. )

There’s a big blob of icing (which looks like a leaf, actually :lol: ).. the rest turn out ok. I like the whole design, the royal icing I put on is a bit thick and you can see the thickness of it. Reminds me of touching a velvet cushion. I will surely use royal icing again, hopefully with practice it will come out perfect.

Next, I tried using my colour spray on the stencils. This is a bit easier. Be sure to cover other areas of the cake, or else you will get sprays on them, too.

And the results -

As you can see, some colours do seep underneath the covering, but I think this can be corrected with practice.

Lastly, I experiment using my luster dust to brush on top of the stencil.

And the design came out beautiful (in my eyes).

Just be careful to brush on only the minimum amount of dust required, so as not to smudge the cake.

I bought the stencils online from UK. For those of you who asked, these are the sites that I normally get my supplies :







Thanks for reading, and do share with me if you have other techniques on using the stencils.


Yasmin says:

Wkumsalam Mariezka, yg akak list tu ialah companies yg kak pernah order. Now ni kak dah tak beli sgt any tools..anyway, sebelum charge credit card tu, email ke kedai tu dulu. List all the items you want to buy and ask them how much is the shipping cost. Bila dah confirm semua, baru authorise byr thru credit card. Check whether mail dia htr tu boleh track delivery tak.. incase brg hilang. Selalunye if order frm UK, kalau ada postal strike, memang kadang2 brg tak sampai. Tapi experience akak, company UK ni akan replace balik. Akak takde problem order online so far dgn all the companies above. Thanks dik.

Mariezka says:

Salam, suka tengok blog akak.. very inspiring especially for newbie macam i.

Really nak beli tool macam stensil , pearl boarder tu @ uk or us online sites yang akak recommend tu. Tapi takut pulak ada problem with shipping, shipping cost, custom etc… akan boleh tak share your experiences or give some tips? Thx

Wkmsalam dik, sori kak tak jual apa-apa tools. Yg ni kak order online from US ke UK, tak ingat dah..

azeerah says:

Slam…akak de jual tak stencil tu?pm hrga.

Fondant Icing Recipe says:

Very nice decorating ideas. I hope to be in New York soon for a Cake decorating show.

Min says:

Hi friends, thanks for your comment. Will check out the stencils at our local store soon. But frankly speaking, dont think I’ll be using much of this technique. We’ll see.

Mak Teh says:

wow!!Min…..you light up my life..

nooroor says:

I love your method and technic. Thanks for showing us .

wiz says:

Salam Min, how are you? There are cheaper versions of using this stencils I think. I bought a few local ones kat baking supply shop, cost less than 3 rgt je. I have tried rolling them over my fondant and it created a bit of the texture, which is cool. Will try guna royal icing plak nanti. But I am no fan of royal icing.

Ok Min, cathca later.

Anne says:

Hi Yasmin,

Thanks for the links to the UK sites.


Hi yasmin
loved your methodlogy of applying stencils on the cakes…..will try to do so in your way as well

Linda says:

kak min… minat nye kt design yg atas skali tu… bli kt oversea kiranya gna credit card laa kan… linda yg tu yg kureng berani sket…

aimi says:

kak min..saya dah dpt crimper tu… TQVM yaa… ooo…tu webiste yg kak min selalu beli yaa.. nanti nak tgk laaa..