Naughty & romantic cakes

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These past few days have been very hectic for me.. my maid left, after 3 years with us. I’m trying to manage doing all the housework alone, plus having classes. Hubby has been quite supportive – trying to help, mainly taking out the rubbish, doing the dishes etc. I hope the new maid will arrive fast. I don’t even have time now to update this blog. Sorry, friends !

Anyway, here are 2 cakes which I made today. Thanks Ee Lin and Faezah for the orders.

Don’t ask me to elaborate on the naughty cake above. A sample picture was given by the customer, and I just change the bra design.. anyway, my thanks to the original creator of this cake.

And to a more subtle scene, gold and yellow roses hantaran cake.

Selamat Pengantin Baru to the couple. And have a wonderful weekend to all you readers. Thanks.


happy says:

omg!! the boob cake is so creative!! I do not know u but anyway good job!
how much is the cake anyway? kg? where to collect or delivery?? what flavor?
pls reply to my email. thks.

Erna DeGraff says:

Yasmin, this is beautiful work! I didn’t know you had it in ya, girl! I wish you all the best with this.

Min says:

thanks kawan-kawan for your well wishes and comments.

Jun, I havent met you kan ? So rasanye boob mu bukanlah sumber inspirasiku.. hehehe.

Wiz, nice meeting you too. Catch you again next time. :)

wiz says:

Hey there Min. It was nice introducing myself to you the other day. I didin’t want to actually but I felt it was unfair for me alone to feel I know you when in fact you know me too from this blogspace. I am just shy I guess and would like to remain anonymous as long as possible.

It was an enriching 5 days experience for me and meeting you in person made it even sweeter.

JUN says:

MIn…boob siapa yg jadi inpirasi tu…definitely not mine eh? Lain sgt tu…hi hi naughty u. Stay cool…maid come and go. Mcm recycle item juga…kita kena maintain steady.:-))

ida isk says:

Walaaaaaaaaa tabik srping min, go go ehehe nak cakap mcm dah customer nak mcm tu kan buat ajee

KAK KAM says:

wow. . cutenya bra you buat tu, creatif betul. Kak suka roses you buat sangat cantik.

KAK HAWA says:

Nak tanya di mana boleh dpt bunga wartna gold
atau di mana boleh beli pewarna gold

Daalia says:

wow Min… I really love your colorful roses…. did u brush them with gold dust or something ?

on the maid … i am going to face the exact same problem that you are having now.. my maid of 2 years is going back soon as well before end of January, and I am still waiting for my new maid to come in …. sob sob sob…
All the best to us Min….. huhu …


lusciouscakes says:

OMG! So obSIN! hahaha

anne z says:

the roses look so sweet…..

sukanya dgn roses tu……. cantik sgt2…….

nurul says:

Kak Min, will join the class on 20th =)

Dida says:

wow kak min, i suka tgk kek hantaran tu. sungguh gorgeous..!

nurul says:

sgt naughty! hihi. tapi kreatif =)