Classes in Johor Bahru & Penang (amended)

Salam everyone, please to announce that I will be in JB and Penang to conduct the sugarpaste classes. Details :


20th Dec 08, Saturday (Basic Sugarpaste Cake deco – RM250)

21st Dec 08, Sunday ( Sugarpaste/ Fondant cupcake deco – RM180)

C Siang outlet

No 24 & 24A, Jalan Padi Emas 4/5,

Bandar Baru Uda, 81200 Johor Bahru.

Contact person : Miss Sammie.

Tel : + 6 07 2367 669.

Please go directly to the shop to register.


27th Dec 08 31st Jan 09, Saturday (Basic Sugarpaste Cake deco – RM250)

28th Dec 08 1st Feb 09, Sunday (Sugarpaste/ Fondant cupcake deco – RM180)

Location : KOMTAR, Penang.

To register for Penang classes, please email me directly at

Detail of the classes is at the top page.

Thank you very much. 

Yasmin says:

Sorry, no. Only in KL.

sharmila says:

hi a do u hv vlasses in jb?

senisahzaini says:

Nak attend ur fondant class early April

Yasmin says:

Salam Zai, sorry I dont travel to teach now. Just kat rumah di KL je, jemput dtg :)

Zai says:

Hi Yasmin,

My daugther been wanting to learn yr sugarpaste/fondant classes.
By any chance if you will be having any classes in JB around this year?


Yasmin says:

Yvonne, sorry at the moment I am not having any classes other than at my place in KL. tq.

yvonne says:

hai yasmin..when will you come to penang for baking class?

Min says:

Hi Mr. Loh, I think you should take the course which covers all areas like breadmaking, cakes, pastries etc. In KL, there are a few colleges which offers this course, some in 1 or 2 months completion, or less time. Just google and you will find the details. Thanks and good luck.


Actually I and my wife intend open bakery shop at sarawak.
but want to learn bakery skill, but wondering which is the best
place to acquire these skills.Purpose is Bakery Business.

Any ideas?wait your reply


chomeldvery says:

kak min, yani br upload gmbr masa bljr dlm fotopages yani….thanxxxxxxxxxxxx

Min says:

Salam Nora, rasanye buat masa ni tak lagi kut.. Nora la ke seberang join kelas kat JB. :)

Yani, warna hitam tu akak beli kat Pastrypro, boleh check kat bake with yen ke.. cuba tanya kat Group kalau ada sesiapa pegi sana.

Hazlin, kalau newbie, preferably join yg basic class RM250 tu, coz I’ll show how to make the fondant from scratch. And how to cover a big cake. Anything, email me ya. Thanks.

Hazlin says:

Salam, if I a newbie …. which class shud I attend first? Can I straight away join the Sugarpaste/ Fondant cupcake deco class?


chomeldvery says:

kak min…gmbr2 kitaorg x de lagi ke…hehehhehhe….kak min thanxxx ajar yani ye…ilmu tu yani bawa pi Finland…kak min, warna black chefmaster nk beli kt mana ye?…tqqq

Nora says:

Min tak teringin ke nak sebarang tambak untuk mengajar di Singapura?

Min says:

Thanks everyone. Thanks Yuha. Anamika – these are cakes done by my students, their first time trying fondant. :)

Hi yasmin
thats a nice , neat and very good visual impact cake, you have made !

Yuha says:

Hi Yasmin.

Left you an award here:


EmahTimah says:

perniagaan yg bagus

AQis@Taiping says:

wahhhh dah stat p jalan2 eh hehhehe..tabik spring pada k min…..