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Step 1

Get ready your marzipan and fruit cake. Knead the marzipan for a while if it is too hard.

Step 2

Roll your marzipan to the required thickness. I would say from 5 mm to 1 cm, depending on the critical illness state of your cake. If too much holes and bumps (too chronic), make the marzipan thicker to hide them.

Step 3

The whole cake must be covered with marzipan, including the bottom. Make a circle with a cake board. (Same size as the cake itself).

Step 4

Place the marzipan on top of the cake. Before that, brush the cake with piping gel or apricot glaze (acts as a glue).

Step 5

Put a cake board on top of the marzipan, and turn the cake upside down so that the marzipan is at the bottom. Then gently remove the cake board.

Step 6

This process is called ‘stuffing’ (according to my teacher, lah). Since the cake is slightly domed, there are some gaps to fill. Just stuffed it with more marzipan.

Step 7

Now the cake is ready to receive the top layer of marzipan. Brush with piping gel.

Step 8

Roll a big round shape and cover the cake, the way you do with fondant.

Step 9

Use a fondant smoother to smooth the surface. The cake is ready to eat, or covered with fondant.


Intan says:

hai kak min, i know this the first time i’m here but i was stunned with your talent, not many people know that we can decorate cake with other material than buttercream or freshcream including me. until i’m here, you are the best n you know what, thank you. my husband like cakes and this will make him love me more

Min says:

Hai and thanx all,

marzipan ni fofular kat Europe. the English people esp. like it. Kat Msia not very famous. Normally they wrap the fruit cake with marzipan and put loads of alcohol in it, over time. Ada yg simpan bertahun-tahun.. the alternative , I’m not so sure. Probably we can post the question in Bakingproject yahoo group – how to extend the shelf life of fruit cakes. Fruit cake, kalau tak letak marzipan pun ok. Just that sometimes the fruits might give colour to the white fondant. But overall, I think it is fine to just wrap the fruit cake with fondant only. Thanks.

Dida says:

Salam kak min, thanks for sharing this. really appreciate it :):):)

iza says:

Miss Yasmin, really really want to join your class. i’m currently in US, but will be back in Malaysia soon. please let me know if you’re having a class in Johor Bahru. (nak guna my house pun’ll be my pleasure) :)

cuppycupcake says:

hi min,

u mentioned about pme class? hw’s the class? just spoke to kelvin, i ll be taking it kat klanajy/artisan januari. Pastrypro dah overbooked so x der chance ler nk join sana.

Vivian says:

Hi Min, thanks for sharing. Btw, I would like to share The Pink Sisterhood with you.

ida isk says:

tima kasih kerana berkongsi ilmu, ida lak tak penah cover bontot kek tu pun ..heehe

Nea says:

Salam kak Min,

Saya nak tanya, kalau kita nak frost kek, lepas the base coat, we have to chilled it for a while, I read (somewhere) approx. 45min. Will the cake hardened? Or dry?

AQis@Taiping says:

K Min…..camne ke rasa marzipan ni….ada rasa kacang2 ke….nampak sedap tp nk buat dia tak mahal ke???tau je la area sni2(small town area) hahahhahaha kang tergolek dok lak dgr rega huhuhu

inn says:

kak min kalau buat fruit cake memang kena cover with marzipan first then baru fondant ye?? kalau fondant terus nanti x smooth ye?? i nak kena buat satu ni. TQ

azida says:

hi kak!! suka sgt tgk akak deco2 kek ni..nak tnya la, class yg akak wat tu, sapa nak masuk kene ade basic knowledge ke pasal deco kek ni? saya interested sgt tapi saya tatau sgt pasal deco2 kek ni, so boleh tak kalau saya nak attend class?


boxhousestudio says:

min lekas offer yang lain pula..he he…buku-buku baking yang lain pun boleh .. ahakss!!!

boxhousestudio says:


thank you berkongsi ilmu membalut marzipan…maknanya boleh guna piping jelly juga dan

sedapnya marzipan tu…penuh dengan badam yang halus..dan tak payah balut ngan fondant pun tak pe rupanya…

ok min..apa alternative lain untuk kek buah supaya tahan lama selain di tambah alcohol kedalamnya?…betul ke penambahan alcohol akan buat kek tahan lama sebenarnya?…

ingin tahu

salam baking dari ku

Kak Ida says:

Min, thanks for sharing yr marizpan class… now I
know more…very sweet of u..pls don’t change the cover
lagi ok….ni dah cantik…