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Hi friends,

Thank you very much for your lovely and funny comments.. All in all, I receive 67 feedback. Sad to say I only have one book to offer, maybe in the future if business is booming, I can get more freebies for you all ye..

So the winner is :


Commentator no. 34,


CONGRATULATIONS VIENNE !! Email me your address asap ya..

Thanks again to the rest who tried. Maybe better luck next time. :)  

akmafazli says:

sokong yeen…sure kak min ada bnyak buku lagi diberi…kan kak min kan???

ninoz says:

congrats vienne!!!!

give up ler karang pantun dah lepas nih…

Congrats Vienne!
(huhuhu…crying in silence…)

Kamsiah bte Ajing says:

CONGRATULATIONS…….. Vienne, you must be so happy, kalau mak cik dapat pun tentu sangat2 happy. Boleh share share kah kita sama2 di Sabah juga ha ha ha. Harap2 ada OFFER lagi daripada MIN.

inn says:

lucky u!! ok the rest lets go to PP to get the book hehhehe

ah mat gebu says:

tahniah pada pemenang = Vienne!!!!

Anny Haryani says:

Waahhh… bessnya… Lps ni leh try ye Vienne..

Vienne says:

THANNXX FOR ALL THE WISHES..happy tak terkata..after 3 days havent been online and i was surprised with this..owh i am so happy

Sharanspice says:

CoNgRaTuLaTioNs ViEnNe……!!!

Yeen says:

Congratulations Vienne. Nevermind I am sure there’s more books to give away in the future…hehehee

VAnessa says:

congrat’s vienne!! haha–

Vivian says:

Congratulations Vienne!

nurul says:

sedihnye tak dpt buku, but i`m happy that vienne from sabah, at least got the book eventhough tak dpt attend your class =) congrats vienne!

ryna says: