Class at Cake Connection

I finally had the time to download and edit all the photos taken during classes this past few weeks. My first teaching assignment at Cake Connection in PJ went well, alhamdulillah. It was a fondant cupcake decorating class where we decorated 6 cupcakes each. Here are some photos taken from the class.

That’s me, with one very passionate student, trying to finish up his Pooh bear.


Some close-up of the cuppies , these are the ‘hantaran’, wedding and snowman cuppies.


We also did a tea set and some figurines.


We had a surprise visit from TV3 crew, Shaza and her ‘camerawoman’. They were in Jaya One to document the “Passionately Pink” Breast Awareness Campaign which was going on during that weekend.


Isn’t she pretty ? Taken during the shooting at Cake Connection kitchen.


My cuppies will be on tv3, yeyyy :-D . But I guess only us, the Domestic Goddess, will be able to watch it. It’s a talkshow called “Apa-apa aje”, showing at 10.00 am every Wednesday and Thursday. Our story is supposed to be aired on this 23rd Oct, 08. Hmm.. 8-)

Still in a state of shock and disbelieve that we will be on national television (even for a few seconds), we gathered around in front of the camera, waited for the ‘Q’ and shouted… “Apa-apa aje !” (translation : Whatever !).


We had so much fun on that day, thanks to those who came. Hopefully you’re all experts in decorating fondant cupcakes now. Adios !

p/s : More students & cakes pictures at my Flickr photostream.


AMA says:

Cheers! Nice pictures

I like what they did for the design..

Looks very delicious!
Can I have some?
Can I?

Karen says:

Hi! would like to check with you, where can I register for those classes!

wiz says:

I’ll be watching you watching the camera watching you!!!!

Ahmootha says:

Congrat woman! Soon u will be celebrity chef. once i settle moving i want to come for the fondant courselah.

val says:

uiiiiiiiiii min!!!u dah jadi celebrity!!!!!!!!!!!

Min says:

Thanks all, celebrity ? I wish !! This is just kebetulan.. nothing more.

Sue, please email me ya at minbakingproject@gmail.com. Class schedule kat atas tu tak boleh buka lagi ke ? Akak dah betulkan, cuba click on the red box.

sue says:

Salam min,

wow…really admire yr figurine. Nak tanya when is yr next classes at yr place. Siti takboleh view yr calendar schedule..pls help.

Thank u.

Vivian says:

Wow Min, CONGRATULATIONS! I will stay in front of my TV this 23rd Oct.

fabmom says:

wow min! awesome! u r a celebrity! tahniah, tahniah, tahniah !!!!!!

Min says:

Salam ida, tkasih…

Hi Rebecca, you can either go to Cake Connection website or check out my classes at the top page for the course schedule. Thanks & hope to see you.

Rebecca David says:

hi, wen is yr next class on cupcake fondant icing? they look great in te pictures.

merpati66 says:

tahniah semuga terus sukcess ya min….apa2 ajee lee umhhhhh

Min says:

Thanks for the good wishes.. I wish they only show my cuppies, not including me. Can’t bear to see how chubby I am, I even hate looking at my photos above ! Must go on diet..

Yozora, the snowman was one of the figurines that the students did during the class. All are made from scratch except the flowers.

Time kasih semua.

nadibakes says:

oh it was your cupcakes! i saw them at the shop while buying some stuffs!

Wow.. my friend Min is getting to be a celebrity lah.. good, good.. i am so proud.. going to tell all my friends that I know Min :D.. btw, i like the snowman topper .. buat ke or buy from CC?

ah mat gebu says:

Min…i paling kenan kat cup cake yg ada pooh bear and lagi satu yg cute..teko n cawan tu….tahniah yea u dpt jadi tenaga pengajar di cake connection…

aishah says:

apa2 aje? congrats min….

m@ri@ says:

wah..maria sll tgk ape2 aje..nk kena tgkla episod kak min punya ni..tp time tu kerja pulak..akan ku usahakan jua..hehe..so congratz..hopefully ur bisnes akan lebih maju nnt..

theadams says:

amboi glamour gitu, dah nak masuk tv tu, min! congrats! semoga you success selalu….
regards from cairo!