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Just like to show you guys the crimpers that I bought yesterday.



This may be common to some, but I’m sure many of you out there don’t know what this is. Basically, these crimpers are use on a fondant cake. There are many designs as you can see from the tip of the crimper. This is one way to decorate your cake if you are too lazy to make fancy decorations or use royal icing and other stuff.

The cake must be crimped (macam cubit..) while the fondant is still soft. The black rubber is use to adjust the opening of the crimp.

So, next time you are at the bakery supply shops, look out for this gadget. More reason to spend ! :lol:



Min says:

Lin, boleh beli kat bake with yen or

lin says:


saye sgt berminat untuk beli crimper tu…kat mane ek nak beli? ade alamat kedai x?

thank you…

intan says:

Makin gempaklah kek k.min lepas ada toys baru ni. Cayalah! ;)