Creamy crab cheese tartlet

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I love seafood. We grew up in Sitiawan, Perak about 10 km from Lumut, a seaside town (picture above). So you can imagine how easy it is to get fresh seafood. Combined with cheese, this recipe is heaven ! Adapted from a recipe by Chef William Tan.
Ingredients needed are :
For the tart (you can use any pie crust recipe you know or follow this one)
2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon shortening
12 tablespoon butter
a few spoonful of iced water
For the filling
125 g cream cheese
60 g yogurt
1 egg
75 g all purpose flour
About 4 medium sized crab meat, shredded (or substitute with crab stick )
2 small red onions, diced
A bunch of spring onion, diced
1 clove of garlic
1/4 teaspoon salt
a dash of pepper
Prepare the tart. The easiest way is to put all the ingredients in a blender. Mix, add a tablespoon of iced water at a time until the dough can stick and form into a dough. Put in plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for at least half an hour. If doing it by hand, just grate the butter and shortening into the flour and salt. Rub until all is combined, add iced water and mix until you get a dough. Remember not to add too much iced water or you will not get a crunchy and flaky tart.
For the filling, beat the cream cheese and yogurt for about 3 minutes. Add the egg, mix and then add in the flour. Stir until all is combined. Then add the rest of the ingredients. Ready. Roll the pastry and fit into your tart mould. Pour in the filling and baked for about 45 minutes at 185C. When cooked, the center will be slightly soft.
Some photos I managed to snap with my dirty hands :




If you don’t have crab meat, try this with lobster meat or scallops. Anything which is not too fishy.. Served on its own, or for more calories, goes well with thousand island sauce :) .
p/s : Looking at Lumut’s picture makes me feel homesick now. Used to be my playground.


Ten says:

Kak Min, thanks for the tips.

Min says:

Ten, for the fondant recipe, I use liquid glucose. For gumpaste recipe, so far I only buy ready mix gum paste coz I dont have gum trag. Kalau nak buat bunga, yes you can practice using fondant recipe, but better pakai gumpaste. Then you can stretch the petal sampai nipis. Gumpaste is more pliable and after drying for a few days, your flower akan jadi keras. If you dont have gumpaste, try mixing some gum tex into your fondant recipe. Check out info at Wilton website ya. TQ very much for the bakery address.

Min says:

Kak Tun, ramai pulak orang dari Perak yang tegur saya ni.. tak sangka. Tu la , ntah-ntah kita sedara kan, bau-bau bacang ke.

boxhousestudio says:

selamat pagi min….oooo rindu kampung ya…dah banyak berubah dah lumut tu kan?…sitiawan pun jalan-jalannya dah besar I ada sepupu tinggal kat lekir batu 9, telaga nenas dan sekitar taman-taman kat manjung tu..even kami selalu turun melawat kubur atuk belah my abah kat batu 9 lekir tu and atuk belah my husband kat dalam kem tldm tu…entah-entah sedara tak..he he …

salam hormat dari ku

Ten says:

Kak Min,
We were staying in Tmn SetiaMaju(behind Tmn Pegawai). If i could get Wilton stuff here, i pon malas nak cuba-cuba buat sendiri. So far i belum lagi cuba coz tak berani!!! ahahahaa..Nak tanya kak min ah…the GUM PASTE recipe yg kak min bagi….GLUCOSE 1tbsp tu….glucose cam ner??? i only have the liquid glucose aje. I nak cuba buat bunga2…can use fondant recipe instead tak??? Can help bagi nasihat tak?? thank you arrr….ok…the address of the kedai in BM is :- EAZY BAKE BAKING SUPPLIES, 118 JLN KOTA PERMAI, KOTA PERMAI, BM (TEL:045086628). I think sunday pon they open half day.

Min says:, orang sekampung la kite ye. Mula asalnya I dok kat Taman Shahriman kat Sitiawan, pas tu parents beli rumah kat Manjung, ala kat Petronas jalan straight ke belakang (kat sebelah kubur cina tu.. hahaha). Anyway, sedih kan bila tengok gambar Lumut tu, sekarang dah lain dah rupanya. Kakyu sekarang kat KL ke ?

kakyu says:

Min….. i’m from sitiawan too. My father still kat Manjung. The picture of Lumut mengimbau kembali kenangan. Still balik manjung lagi…. Manjung ur parents katne? Mine kat manjung lama kat petronas lama .

Min says:

Hi Ten, thank you. I found the gum trag, tapi 100 gm about RM90 rasanya.. that is quite cheap, yg kat BM tu.. Right now I’m using Wilton ready made gum paste je. It works so far, price is about RM20 per can. Maybe if I’m in Penang area, I can visit the bakery. Boleh bagi address ? Dulu dok Sitiawan kat mana ?

Ten says:

Dear Kak Min,
I am also from Sitiawan, currently staying in Bukit Mertajam. I enjoy reading your blog. Macam-macam boleh belajar. Anyway, in your previous entry, u mentioned that you could not find GUM TRAGACANTH. I know of a shop that sells it here in BM. If you still do require it, i can send it to you. I bought a packet of 20gram for RM6.50/0. Thank you.

zaitgha says:

hmmm….seafood, we love seafood too…..will try one day

Min says:

Anna, dulu dok kat Sabah ? Memang seafood kat sana lagi murah dari KL ni. Bestkan..anyway, cheese tart ni boleh makan cicah ngan mayo, atau pun sos cili pun sedap. Boleh la cuba nanti.

anna says:

goodness me min!!! i also lovesssss seafood. we’ve been stayed at sabah and gosh, those seafood so fresh & cheap. and surely i will try ur creamy crab cheese tart. they look very inviting, delicious, and awesome!

Min says:

Sunny, thanks for visiting. Maybe one day I can attend your class ?

Wiz, how come you know Lumut so well ? Hotel Leadview tu is a must if I balik kg. Food dia sedap and reasonably priced. My mom knows the manager in charge, our friend duduk satu taman dulu. My parents sekarang dok kat Manjung. Dekat sangat la ngan Billion tu.. bila la I nak balik kg ni ? Teringatkan makanan yg sedap-sedap.

wiz says:

I love Lumut too! I go there whenever I get the chance to. But normally before reaching Lumut we would stop at Manjung and indulge in apam balik depan supermarket Billion tu(I think it’s Billion). The food is heavenly cheap kan. A meal at the Lead View hotel for instance would cost you the same out under the sky at the nearby stall, outside the hotel, seriously.

Ok la, now you made me wanna go back!

Love tarts! so indulging!