Baking class for my friends

Hi, thanks all for your nice wishes. Today I spent the whole day, from 10 am to 4 pm, teaching two of my friends some basic cake making and decorating. Well, they are my first students.. I have never given any class before but this friend of mine, Ahmootha, had always bugged me to teach her some basic baking. I’ve known Ahmootha since I was seven, can you believe it ? Meaning we’ve been friends for like 28 years ! Its like a reunion in a way.

We made chocolate cake and cupcakes, plus all the decorating. Being totally new and haven’t touch a piping tip/ nozzle before, I’m quite proud with their work. Here are some photos.

My dear childhood friend, Ahmootha, looking so serious icing her cake.


With Vichelle in my kitchen. Quite messy, huh ?


Some of their work :





Not bad, right ? The two girls were so excited to bring back their cakes. And after this, they’ll be making cakes on their own for their kids’ birthday (or that’s what they promise). Thanks Ahmootha and Vichelle for visiting my kitchen.. and having to use my old oven !


nida says:

Hi,if I want to get classes of everything includes in baking …than how much u will charge? Plz reply soon

Yasmin says:

As Salam Rehana n Sunthari, class schedule is on the right side of this blog. My house is close to TEsco ampang area, map at top page.. anything pls email me at minbakingproject@gmail.com. Thanks :)

Sunthari says:

I also feel want to learn…very nice…where the class held..

Rehana Jasmin says:

Says pun nk belajar

Min says:

Nani, akak kena diet dulu, kurus kan badan baru boleh masuk gambar sini..hahaha

nani says:

which one is you kak?…

tak nampak pun..he..he…just kidding…:)

MamaNumiyn says:

Wah..dah buat kelas dah. Suka tengok yr clowns drooping macam tu..

Min says:

Thanks a million to you too, Ahmootha. Hope you get good reviews for the cakes.

Ahmootha says:

hi i left a comment tapi tak jadi. Hey I enjoyed the class tremendously, and it has given me the confidence that I can decorate. Yhanks!

Min says:

Thilaga, come la anytime I can show you how. You can check with Ahmootha on how it goes.

thilaga says:

i so excited to see the cakes…i want to learn and bake for my children’s bday

Min says:

Zai, masih cikgu pelatih..

zaitgha says:

wah…dah jadi cikgu ek….