Gum paste butterflies

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Inspired by some of the designs I see in Flickr and also in a friend’s blog, I decided to try to make my own butterflies from gum paste. Its fairly easy. Just cut out some butterfly shapes. Then create the look you want. I use my piping tips to make tiny holes and also to emboss some decoration. Leave them to dry. (I put them on an egg carton to create the shape of the wings). Put a layer of tissue first for hygiene reason, if making for a real cake.  After that, I brush my butterflies with the pearl dust that I bought earlier. Here’s some pictures. The butterflies are not fully dried yet but being me, I just can’t wait.

Perfect for cupcakes or cakes decoration.

pic15.JPG pic2lubang.JPG



Well, I think that’s enough glitter for today.. you get the idea, right ? Ok, have a nice day to all. See you !


Elny says:

Hi sis.. thanks for sharing this HOW TO this lesson..

I made some butterfly fondants as you taught me…and here is the link :


Thanks once again..

Min says:

Hai Elny, bisa saja. No problem. If you can link to my site, that would be great. If not pun tak apa. Thanks ya, kisses to your girl ..

Elny says:

Hi. Min..

Can I copy your idea to decorate my cake in future, please?

Thanks and blessings,

Min says:

Shortcake.. thanks for dropping by..any new lipgloss or lipstick purchased ?
You’re always welcome here to learn a thing or two. Take care.

Shortcake says:

I don’t bake (despite the name) but I am planning to start soon, anyway i found your blog on AMBP; it’s a cool site and i totally lurve your butterflies! it’s really nice of you to share all these recipes and tricks and tips with the blogging world, it’s really really helpful! i will definitely be coming back here once i start my baking :P Keep it up ok! :)

Min says:

Thanks Pixie. Your tamales looks good. But some of the ingredients are quite foreign to me.. but I like it that you are exploring many type of cooking.

Pixie says:

I’m learning a lot already and have added you to my reader. Very pretty!

Min says:

Try la buat Intan, kalau letak atas kek dengan bunga dan butterflies ni, mesti cantik. Buh atas cupcake pun ok. Tapi tak boleh makan le, keras.

intan says:

The color really sweet K.Min! Geram tgk :D

Min says:

MYF and Farah.. thank you. I’m still in the learning phase..so most are not perfect. Tq for visiting.


It’s called Pastry Pro. Check out their website. But you have to call them on directions to get there. It’s like in an industrial area. I also donno how to explain.

dee says:

Hi, I found you on FBB’s site. Your creations are gorgeous! Anyway, I was wondering where this baking supply shop in Kepong is.

farah says:

just found ur blog today… you are great dear…

MYF says:

Wow, the butterflies are so pretty! U are good at what u do!

Min says:

Fiza, ok la tu dapat idea baru, bertambah cantik la lepas ni deko nye..

Sri, thanks. Aku suka sangat dengan that glitter thing.

sri says:

bole tahan gadis butterfly!!!!

fizashar says:

kak min,

u r really superb la.. sy ada buat butterfly gum paste the other day using the same mould, then it just stop there… hehehehe.. u gave me another idea by using the piping tipss… tq..tq… & tqvm.. hhihihihihii…