A baker@sugarcrafter’s shopping list

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This morning, I drag my husband out of bed and reminded him that he promised to take me to some of my favorite bakery supply shops. Well, after having a late breakfast, we went to Pastry Pro in Kepong and also the shop in PJ. So this is what I bought :



Another can of gum paste mix, as the one I had is about to finish. I use this to make my flowers. It’s difficult to get the ingredients to make my own gum paste, so I decided to just use the ready mix one. But I do make my own fondant . The price for the above is RM20.20. Not bad actually, its says here – makes enough for 50 roses or 100 daisies.

I also bought pearl dust and shimmer dust.


Pearl dust is use to create highlights on flowers or any decorations made of fondant and gum paste. “Just brush onto your decoration with a small artist brush. Or, to paint decorations, pour a small amount of clear vanilla, lemon juice or vodka, stir in a small amount of Pearl dust and brush onto your decoration”. I’m planning to put this on my gum paste roses. A small bottle of 3 gm cost RM17.50. Hmm.. I must remember not to breathe when applying this, don’t want to blow away the dust ! ;-)

The three stacked bottles are shimmer dust. The texture is not as smooth as the pearl dust. The price is RM22.00 for all 3 colours. Use as sprinkles on fondant and buttercream. You have to brush the area with water first, then only sprinkle the shimmer dust.

What else did I buy. Some cupcakes liners, a donut mix (coz I’m too lazy to make from scratch). How do I use the donut mix anyway ? Do I need to let it rise or just straight away use it ? Should have ask that auntie at the counter.. Friends out there, please help me on this. I also found donut glaze sold at RM1.50 for one small container. It’s white in colour, I didn’t know they had this !

Lastly, I bought this to bake my mini cupcakes..(thanks Zai !)


Finally I found it, and hope that my mini cuppies will be looking pretty round after using this pan.

Time and money well spent, I think :-D . Off to baking now, wish you all a very good weekend. Take care.


Min says:

Jue, digital scale kat mana big supermarket pun ada jual. Tapi kita pakai yg murah tu je.. as long as dia tak rosak, malas I nak spend mahal-mahal yg Tanita punya. Belajar kek yg terkini pegi Taylor’s College course yg 2 hari tu. thanks Jue.

Jue says:

salam perkenalan….
pandailah Min decorate macam-macam. very creative. belajar kat mana?
ni nak tanya…. yg ni tak de kaitan dgn deco… cuma sbg baker, boleh tak recommend kat mana nak dapatkan digital scale… reply to my email.

adibah says:

hi min, yup, that thing can make ur cute little cuppies stand nicely n u can easily deco them… mcm pandai je ye. tp mmg betui pun….hehehe…salam perkenalan…. sama la kita ni, still learning….

Min says:

Salam Ca, thanks for your advice, will try to improve on the color flooding. As I mentioned before, I pun still learning.

ca says:

hehehe …. adoi. since u can make ur own fondant u can make gumpaste. way easier than fondant! the wilton pre-mix one is expensive. try it. also the luster/glitter dust use only sikit saja lah. in US u can get it for US2-3 per jar. kalau sale, lagi murah. to brush on fondant can also mix with some vodka to deepen the color. poppy seed is from plant so why Muslim cannot eat? not a drug either. also, your color flooding needs more practice – i think you had it a little too stiff that’s why it wasn’t as smooth and shiny. first time i come across ur blog, sorry yeah but u r chinese? i m asking coz ur ‘design’ all looks very chinese. not that it’s a bad thing or anything ok. it’s funny when i see a cake i can see teh person creating it be it chinese, malaysian malay, indon, phillipine, mat salleh US, UK, at least the major groups of people.

Min says:

Hai Fabmom..rasa nak buat tonight, tapi ada AF pulak..

fabmom says:

can’t wait to see what u do with these