Decorating with clown head

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I noticed some leftover butter cream in the fridge.. I thought of throwing it away, but then decided to use it to practice on my clowns. You need to buy the clown heads which are quite cheap, about RM2.50 a packet. (Maybe 10 heads, I didn’t count). These are made of plastic.


The tip I’m using for the body is the star tip.



Here are some ways to decorate your cake using these clown heads. Just to get an idea. You can perfect the strokes as you practice.

clown1.JPG clown2.JPG



clown5.JPG Quite difficult to make a sitting clown, maybe there is a technique which I don’t know. Appreciate some tips if you know how.



There’s also some ready made balloon which you can buy to match with these clowns. Shop around at your local bakery supply store. This decorating technique is very handy for children’s cake. Everybody loves a clown.

“Though the clown is often deadpan, he is a connoisseur of laughter.” (Mel Gussow)

Hope this clown will bring laughter to our children.


Pix says:

Just absolutely adorable! Love it. :)

zaitgha says:

this is a good one …i love the hanging on the wall clown tuh….very nice

val says:

min, ur parcel suda akuhantar hari tu but was rejected coz wrappper dia koyak.aku akan post juga, tak mau jantar by hand.tak thrill bah.lagipun ada surprise dalam parcel tu..tunguuuuuuuuu

val says:

min, bahagian kek kek ni, aku lemah sikit.i better stick to my pancake oat, yang menyebabkan aku keteguran ja leee hehehheehhe

Min says:

Thanks Val, bila kau nak try buat kek ni ?

Thanks Sweetiepie… once you’ve tried, let me know how it turn out.

sweetiepie says:

wow,what a coincidence.My daughter had a clown show at school.Clowns are always bringing laughter to the kids.Your clown character looks so cute and pretty.I think I am gonna to try this one day for my daughters birthday cake.:)

val says:

miiiiin those are so pretty.aku tengok the clown pun terus aku tersenyum…….