Soup with puff pastry top hat

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I don’t know what you call this..soup in a mug, soup with pastry dome. I love having this whenever I go to Secret Recipe. Making this is very simple. Ingredients you need are :

A can of your favorite soup, such as Campbell mushroom soup, Heinz tomato soup, the choices are endless.

Onions, and any veggies such as mushroom, potato, celery, carrot, corn. Cut into bite size pieces.

Chicken, cut into tiny pieces, if you like

Ready made pastry. You can buy this from any big supermarkets.

1 egg, lightly beaten

butter, pepper, salt


First, dilute the soup with some water, milk or cream according to the consistency you like. Heat some butter. Saute the onions, then add the chicken. Once the chicken is almost cooked, add the veggies. Lastly add the soup. Season with salt and pepper.

Take the pastry which had been thawed. Cut it into round shape if you like, or leave it in its square shape. Fill the oven-safe mug with the soup about 3/4 full. Brush the rim of the mug with the egg and lay the pastry on top. Press down the sides. Brush the top of the pastry with the remaining egg wash. Bake at 375 F for about 15 to 20 minutes until the pastry is golden.

This is the ready made pastry.


Ready to be baked. I put 2 layers for the extra puff.


After 15 minutes :


A great recipe when you are too lazy to cook a full fledge meal, and kids love it too ! Give it a try.


Nurain says:

Hi min, I selalu jugak buat this kind of soup (or maybe a bit thicker chicken stew) poured into remekins and covered with ready made pastry and we call this POT PIE.

Min says:

Pauline, I bought the mascarpone cheese from Bake With Yen in chow kit. It’s in the fridge. Thanks.

Pauline KHoo says:

Hi Yasmin,

Appreciate if you cud let me know where to buy mascarpone cheese, have been to few supermarkets like cold storage, pun tak dapat.

Hope you can help me, please.

Thanks a lot.

val says:

hello puan baker, mana post today.update lah min. ghairah (agak lucah kan tis word) aku mau menengok apa resepi mu today. asalkan jgn sup ayam yg kelahiran dalam air tu ja lah

Min says:

Sri, plastik pastry puff tu kecik je, sudah aku buang pulak cover plastik dia tu. Tengok kat section frozen food, hopefully ada la.

sri says:

wahhhh…sedapnya….i wonder mana mau beli tu pastry puff d KK ni?..betul-betul macam d Dome!!! my kids sure will love it!!!

val says:

mcm di midvalley tu min, min u jadi famous blogger suda o kan!!!!

Min says:

Hai Intan..thanks for the link. I pun gi Pesta buku, makan kat kedai nasi ayam sebelah Pizza tu. Berjumpa di alam maya je la kita ni..

Min says:

Ye la, kita pernah makan sekali kat mana ye ? Midvalley ke ?

val says:

Wah min, betul2 mcm di Dome kan min!

intan says:

Hai Min. Your blog was great, I suka sgt. I link your blog to mine k!