Gum paste flowers – equipments needed

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I have a confession – I’m running out of ideas on what to write on baking.. I’m more into cake decorating now, especially using fondants and gum paste. I think I’ll start a series on making flowers using gum paste. My main source of reference is, of course, from Wilton’s how-to book (coz I can’t find any other more comprehensive choice). This is also an opportunity for me to practice the little skill that I have, apart from sharing the knowledge with you here.

Firstly, the equipments that are needed:

1. Flower cutters

2. Edible glue – made from mixing meringue powder and water.

3. Artist brush (any watercolour brush, small tip)

4. Any tupperware, to store your gum paste while you’re working.

5. Small scissors

6. Small spatula – to transfer the cut-outs.

7. Gel or icing colour – to colour the gum paste

8. Cornstarch

9. Some square sponge or foam – to lay your cut-outs.

10. Plastic cling wrap to cover all cut-outs

11. Some royal icing for additional decoration

12. Piping bag and piping tube

13. Wires – for the flower stems

14. Plier – to bend the wires

15. Stamens – for some flowers

16. Floral tape – to wrap the stems

On top of the above, I also find having this helpful.

17. Tool set.


Quite a lot of stuff, isn’t it? Well, if you are seriously into the cake business, it’s good to know how to make some flowers to add to your cakes decoration. You can also use the flower for ‘hantaran’ deco, bunga telur.. You can arrange the flowers the way you would arrange any plastic artificial flowers. Put it in a vase in your living room, it can last for a long time. And you can be proud of it – I made it myself !! :mrgreen:


Anne says:

Kak min, nak tanya, kat mana ye nak dapatkan all flower cutters tu…It seems impossible for someone who lives in Perak like myself…susahnya nak cari kat sini…kalau kat KL, which part? May be someday pergi KL boleh cari…sori yek akak tanya soalan budak2…hihi, myself sebenarnya nak buat cuppies for my family, senang tak yah beli…hihi…thanks in advance :)

Yvonne says:

Hi, I’m new to fondant but with great results. However i don’t exactly have all the tools needed. Where do you buy them from, the ones in cake connections are a bit pricey.

Yasmin says:

Salam Sal.. masih boleh pakai, cuma akan berpeluh bila keluar peti ais. Kalau terlembik, + icing sugar yg dah ayak and uli balik. Tq.

sal says:

salam kak min,

tumpang lalu, nak tanya sikit.. saya dah masukkan fondant yg baru siap uli dalam peti ais utk semalaman (silap saya gak nih!) sepatutnya tak boleh kan.. masih boleh pakai lagi ke fondant tu yer sis? thanks a lot!

raja halida says:

kat mn nak beli roller yg bercorak bunga etc.? blh order ngan pn? sy cm terjumpa yg line lurus (buat tart) n knp bunga fondant sy cair? (fondant beli kat kedai kek). satu hr nanti sy berminat nak masuk kelas pn

Yasmin says:

Fizah, depends on cake apa, kalau butter cake, mungkin dlm 5 hari ke seminggu paling lama. Fondant yg balut tu tahan berminggu. Kalau pakai kek styrofoam tu, boleh simpan berbulan kalau dlm tempat aircond. Kalau kat rumah, mungkin tak lebih sebulan. Simpan kat tempat biasa, jgn masuk fridge.

Utk wangi, boleh masukkan essence – apa-apa la. Yg takde colour. Thanks.

fizah says:

kak min, nak tanya sikit….kek yang dah dibalut dengan fondant boleh tahan berapa hari?…nak simpan cam mana?….fondant tu tak mengeras?…dan satu lagi cam mana nak jadikan fondant tu berbau wangi.

terima kasih


mandy says:

hi min, do u know where to purchase texture roller for fondant cake ? thnx.

zaitgha says:

thanks Min, just that i am not familiar at all with Kepong area nih though i am Klites he he, btw, you ni dimana?

Min says:

I buy from Pastrypro in Kepong (you can google their detail). In PJ Wilton pun ada jual (but I like Pastrypro coz the things are slightly cheaper).

zaitgha says:

if you got the green cutters for RM80.00 thats reasonable. Where did you get them?

Min says:

Mat,.. (betul ke gebu ni ?) Kita beli kalau tak silap dalam RM80, ada cutters hijau tu siap ngan buku and roller kecik..mahal la tu kalau RM120. Nak kirim ke dari sini ?

Ah Mat Gebu says:

Min…mould for sugarpaste flower tu dari “wilton” yeaa?…satu set u beli harga berapa, kat sini dalam Rm120…mahal tak?

My fondant and gum paste class starts next Thurs! I can’t wait :D